Sleeping in Cuffs

For the second time this week, Daddy tucked me into bed wearing my leather wrist cuffs.  I was sent to get the cuffs earlier that evening, before we settled in to watch some TV together.  I was wearing only a black see-through brassiere and black panties as Daddy fastened the leather cuffs around each wrist.  He fastened the cuffs securely and linked them together before allowing me the privilege of sitting in the chair by his side.  It is difficult to describe the feelings I get from the act of being cuffed by Daddy.  When I am bound to his liking, I somehow feel more free than I ever have.  I felt joy in my heart when he led me to bed, allowing me to kneel first and ask for his permission to sleep beside him.  As he tucked me in, he unlinked my cuffs and stripped me nude, kissing me good night and telling me that he loved me.  I slept all night in Daddy’s cuffs, and I slept well, knowing that I was tucked in safely beside the man that I love, the man who protects and cares for me, the man who loves me.

Thank you for the great night of sleep, Daddy

~ nora

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  1. I hope that you never get told that you cannot sleep in the same bed. Let us just say that he did tell you no. Would you feel rejected by him? How would you react, other than being sad?

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  2. One night, a long time ago, my then Dominant put me to bed in a collar, wrists cuffs fastened together and ankle cuffs fastened together. I slept but not well as twice she woke me up, turned me over and spanked me. It was a punishment, not at all the wonderful feeling you experienced. Good for you.

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  3. Maybe it’s the anticipation of what may come later on, or the feeling of freeing yourself, being able to give yourself completely to your H without any inhibitions

    Nice saucy pic btw 🔥🔥🔥

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    1. And of course he has the right to your body and do anything he wants to your body within reason because you trust him. He owns you and your body and that can be scary for some women. But for you to trust him that much to be handcuffed and stripped and to kneel before him and ask his permission to go to bed, that has a lot to say about your trust in him and it says a lot about his Integrity for you to have that much trust. I hope that made sense.

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    1. Thank you, Violet Rose! Freeing is the exact word!😊. By the way, I always read your diary entries. I know you have them set to no comments, but I wanted to express to you how much I appreciate you sharing!

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      1. I fixed it! I had no idea that comments were turned off lol I appreciate you taking the time to read what I write. I share because I want to help others. I want to let them know that they aren’t alone. I share because I want to show people that real life D/s isn’t like the books or movies lol

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      1. For what it’s worth, I think that we are simply wired this way. It may be helpful for me to point out that almost every slave I know that makes a lifestyle of this is not someone submissive in general. I am. I notice that people who are naturally take charge do spend a lot of time questioning why they would submit to their spouse. Many times, it boils down to this being their love language and a sense of rightness to have their spouse be in control.

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