When Little Girls Cheat

When Little Girls Cheat

Daddy and I committed to not consuming any sugar, indefinitely.  We’ve been doing this since March 1.  And today…I cheated for the first time and boy did I pay for it!  Before I get to all that, I’ll start by telling you that I had a really hard day yesterday, emotionally.  So, this morning, Daddy told me that I could have a “free” day, which basically means that I have the freedom to spend my day however I please.  I told Daddy that I would really love to sleep in, do some blogging, and then watch the new version of Beauty and the Beast.  Daddy approved and that is exactly what I did (minus the sleeping in part…I’m just not good at that)!

Except…while watching my movie, I began to get serious sugar cravings.  Daddy and I removed all sugary items from the house when we made this commitment.  The fridge was full of organic, healthy stuff, which I love on a normal day but just wasn’t going to cut it this morning.  I saw a bag of low carb tortillas in the fridge and it hit me…a nice, hot, sugary tortilla would definitely satisfy my cravings.  Did I think about the 50 paddle swats Daddy promised me if I ate sugar without permission?  No, I certainly did not as I generously spread butter, sugar, and cinnamon on a nice hot tortilla.  It was DELICOUS!

Well, Daddy came home for lunch today.  After I fixed him his chicken cesar salad, I confessed my transgression. He wasn’t mad but he was disappointed and he sent me to our room to get the wooden paddle.  Over the ottoman I went to wait for my spanking, panties around my knees.  When he was done with his lunch I found out exactly what Daddy thought of my cheating on our no-sugar commitment.  I write this sitting on a freshly paddled bottom, knowing that if I cheat again, I’ll get 100 smacks with the paddle and my mouth washed out with soap.

I know I write this with a cheeky tone (no pun intended) but I truly am sorry that I cheated on our no-sugar commitment.  The worst part is, if I had asked permission, Daddy probably would have allowed it!

Happy writing!


P.S.  This is how Beauty and the Beast ends in my mind 🙂

Beauty and the Beast spanking


26 thoughts on “When Little Girls Cheat

    1. Thank you, collaredmichael! We are doing pretty good with the no sugar thing. This was the first sugar I’ve had in 4 months. To be honest, it was delicious while consuming but after it gave me a huge headache. Another deterrent! Well, that and the paddle 🙂

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      1. Lol. Paddles have a way of being effective deterrents. Watch for hidden sugars. They are in bread, condiments, junk food (even most types of potato chips) and most types of processed foods. It’s insidious really. Very difficult to eliminate fully. But if we do what we can we will all be much healthier.

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        1. Yes, you are so right! We do use some processed foods still (ex. low carb tortillas), but we are doing pretty good other than that. Have completely eliminated diet sodas. All I drink now is water. Eliminating breads and pastas was challenging, but honestly, feel so much better without it. There is one brand of bread that I will buy occasionally called Dave’s Powerseed Bread…are you familiar with it? I definitely don’t want to make it sound like we have eliminated sugar completely…tons of sugar in fruit…but we are striving to greatly reduce it. I still can’t seem to give up my sugar-free coffee creamer…I’ve tried honey, I’ve tried Stevia,…just not the same 🙂

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          1. We have tried several types of stevia and have a couple that we like. Some have a terrible aftertaste but these are fine. Honey has nutritional benefits and fruit may contain sugar but it is unprocessed. Never heard of that bread. In this day and age working to reduce sugar consumption is a difficult project.

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