Reflecting on 30 Days of D/s- Day 23

Hello fellow bloggers! I have decided to partake in the 30 Days of D/s, which I will utilize as a writing exercise, presented by John Brownstone and Kayla Lords at Loving BDSM.  As suggested by the title, this free activity explores topics surrounding D/s relationships.  I know that there are many of us in this particular circle of writers who are engaged in this writing activity at the moment, so bear with me.  I think that this will be a useful endeavor in further exploring this new lifestyle that Daddy and I have set out on.  As always, thank you for reading!


Loving BDSM’s 30 Days of D/s – Day 23

Prompt: What goes up must come down. Subspace is the most common of the highs in D/s, but we know from experience that Dom or top space is real too. Which means sub and dom drop are real possibilities after you have intense kinky moments together. Drop won’t happen every time, and it won’t affect you the same way each time either. But it’s important to recognize what can cause it, and what it might feel like. You can’t eliminate it completely, but you can prepare for it.

Have you ever felt a drop after kinky play? Can you come up with some ways you might help yourself or your partner through it?

            After intense sexual play with my husband, I have experienced that “drop” on a few occasions.  This has been confusing at times…after all, we just spent the last few hours engaged in incredibly hot sexual activity…so why I am a feeling so down after?  Science explains it best.  Your body just experienced this great release of endorphins, which is nothing short of amazing, but which can also be hugely exhausting and depleting on the system.  I’ve seen this sort of drop in my husband as well as he almost always falls right to sleep after intense sex.

I’ve experienced this drop after an intense spanking as well.  Enduring a hard spanking is no easy feat.  Daddy requires me to hold still during my spankings and I am not allowed to reach back and interfere with the punishment (which takes a lot of self-control!).  I am only allowed to lie there and absorb the pain of each smack, stroke, lick, etc.    Sometimes, I feel like I need a nap after, but unfortunately, naughty girls typically get corner time after a well-earned spanking.  It is always a relief to be able to melt into Daddy’s arms after corner time and just be held.  Daddy is always very gentle and loving with me after my discipline, ensuring that I understand why he had to do what he did.  I cherish these moments.

Part of the discussion prompt suggests that while you cannot eliminate sub or dom drop, you may be able to prepare for it.  I think that discussing this topic with Daddy is a good idea, just to give both of us further insight as to what the other may feel after an intense sexual encounter or hard spanking.  I think Daddy will laugh when he sees this as during most of our marriage, he has typically fallen asleep right after sex and I (usually) bounce out of bed, ready to accomplish something.  Now, however; as the sexual intensity has greatly increased during our play time, I am not usually quite so quick to hop out of bed as I have been completely sapped of all energy.  I’ve also found that sex is much more gratifying since we began our D/s journey.  The sex was always good, Daddy…but now, it’s INCREDIBLE.

Happy writing 🙂


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  1. I don’t think I’ve experienced a drop, but I have been very fatigued. Still horny. Still wanting to go but just tired. Maybe that’s a drop? I’m so glad your sex is incredible!! May it get ever more so on the future!

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  2. “Drop” is much, much more than just exhaustion, from physical symptoms of uncontrollable shaking, uncontrollable crying that comes in waves as your body readjusts the chemicals to feeling a sudden drop in body temp. Your dominant should be prepared with a blanket, water and to hold you close as you readjust.

    Your dominant should be paying attention to your body when you play and should stop or bring you back ‘down’ if you become incoherent or simply can’t answer questions properly. Safety first!

    Emotional ‘drop’ can happen then or even much later after play – Monday mornings were an issue for me at the very very beginning. Feelings of loss and sadness, depression almost …. uncomfortable and distraught. Your dominant should be prepared to keep in touch, send messages and check up on you from time to time. Assigned tasks for the time apart can also help keep the drop at bay.

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    1. Thank you for the clarification, nijntje! From this perspective then, I don’t think that I’ve ever experienced a physical drop but I can relate to the emotional drop you have described.

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