Sunday Afternoon Sexcapades

Sunday Afternoon Sexcapades

This post is all about sex, so please discontinue reading if you find that at all un-pleasurable or offensive!  To everyone else…please enjoy 🙂

On this lovely, rainy Sunday afternoon, Daddy came in to find his little girl pleasuring herself with a large jelly dildo (the kind with the suction cup on the bottom so you can mount it to things).  You see, Daddy wasn’t feeling great today and he fell asleep watching TV earlier.  Me, being my naughty self, saw this as an opportunity for some naughty “me” time.  I didn’t think Daddy would be up to play time today as he wasn’t feeling well so I excused myself from the living room and headed straight to our bed, and the toy drawer.

Waking from his impromptu nap, Daddy walked into our bedroom to find his naughty girl face down on the bed, thrusting her hips wildly, trying to obtain an elusive orgasm.  I felt a shiver run through me as I heard Daddy’s footsteps on the hardwood floor behind me.  I knew he wouldn’t be displeased with me, I have permission to pleasure myself as long as I behave, but I felt like a very naughty little girl that just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.  Daddy ran his finger tips lightly over my skin and then he reached between my legs and put more pressure on the dildo inside of me, causing waves of pleasure to wash over me.  He asked me to tell him what I wanted.  I answered honestly, and told him that I wanted to cum but that I would like to experience what the strap would feel like as I shamelessly fucked this toy.

Daddy obliged and soon the strap was meeting my bare backside with each thrust.  As my thrusts grew faster, so did Daddy’s strap and soon my bottom was burning up.  I begged Daddy to stop but he said that it would stop when he said it was time to stop and that I was to continue.  Obediently, I continued rocking my hips against the bed, feeling the dildo slide in and out, and feeling the kiss of the strap on my upturned cheeks.  All too sudden, the strap stopped and Daddy rolled me onto my back.  He took control of the dildo, began teasing my nipple with his tongue, and suddenly I was soaring through my first orgasm.

I’m glad you are feeling a little better, Daddy…thank you for this afternoon!


Happy writing 🙂



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