Spanking Fiction- Mrs. Ashfield’s School of Manners and More, Ch. 3

Chapter Three

The sensation that Clara was experiencing, while draped over Mrs. Ashfield’s knee, was no longer a pleasant one.  In fact, her squeals were now turning into cries of alarm as she felt the pain of her anus being stretched too far.  She began to kick and try to escape, and even when Mrs. Ashfield warned her to settle down, her self-preservation instinct was too strong.  Disgusted at her misbehavior, Mrs. Ashfield pulled her phallic device away and pushed little Clara to the floor.  Clara lay in a heap at her feet, nearly nude and sobbing.

“I am very disappointed in you, Clara,” Mrs. Ashfield scolded.  “I thought you were learning to take your training like a good girl, but I can see that we still have quite a ways to go.”

Mrs. Ashfield stood and reached down, taking a firm hold of Clara’s long, dark tresses.

“Up you go, young lady,” Mrs. Ashfield said, her hand fisted in Clara’s hair causing her to cry out as she was drug to her feet.  Mrs. Ashfield then began to propel her to the corner.  Once there, she ordered Clara to strip completely.  Fumbling, Clara unhooked her garters and rolled down her hose.

“Give them to me,” ordered Mrs.  Ashfield.  “Good.  Now, get those panties completely off, young lady.”

Clara quickly obeyed, stepping out of her panties and handing them to the waiting Mrs. Ashfield.

“Put your hands on your head,” Mrs. Ashfield said sternly.  Clara placed her hands on her head, feeling completely humiliated and vulnerable.  She couldn’t understand what was happening with her body or what had happened to her while over Mrs. Ashfield’s knee.  For the first time in her young life, she had experienced sexual pleasure…though, at this point, she was still a stranger to the final release of an orgasm.

“For your disobedience, I am afraid you have made things far worse for yourself little miss.  I tried to be as gentle as I could with you when it came to that part of your training, but you acted like a naughty little girl, completely ungrateful that I was working the cock into your bottom slowly with care.  Now, you are going to experience the cock just as a naughty girl should.  Bent over, tied up, and good and hard up that backside of yours,” Mrs. Ashfield had her arms crossed and was glaring at the impudent girl before her.  She was determined to knock her down a peg or two and she knew just how to do it.

“For now, while I set up your discipline, you will stand here in the corner and reflect on your poor behavior.  And, as I am tired of all the crying and begging, we will just put these in that sassy little mouth of yours,” said Mrs. Ashfield, and she firmly pushed Clara’s own panties into her mouth.

Mrs. Ashfield spun her around and placed her nose in the corner, giving her a hard slap to each buttock.

“When you are sent to the corner Clara, you will stand there quietly.  Push that nose as far into the corner as you can.  That’s right, keep those hands on top of your head.  You stick that naughty bottom out girl!” Mrs. Ashfield said, giving another quick slap to the reddened backside before her.

Clara cried into her panties but kept position, hands in place on top of her head, her well punished backside jutting out on display.

Mrs. Ashfield stalked to the door, calling out for her butler.  After a whispered conference with him, he left and Mrs. Ashfield returned to her desk, completely ignoring the nude, well-spanked little girl, who was standing in the corner.

“Yes, Mr. Barlow, please,” Mrs. Ashfield said into the telephone.

Clara’s heart sank.  Why was she calling Charles at this moment?  Would he come here to see her disgraced? See her paddled behind, see that her panties had been shoved into her mouth?  Would he know how wet she had grown while over Mrs. Ashfield’s knee?  Her cheeks burned with shame.

“Mr. Barlow, yes, Mrs. Ashfield here.  I am just calling to give you your update as requested.  Yes, she was tardy this morning.  Yes Sir, I punished her as requested, quite soundly.  You were quite right about her cheeky attitude.  Yes, we have begun her bedroom training and I think you will find that she responds quite well to discipline and to stimulation,” Mrs. Ashfield continued to answer his questions with brief and direct answers.  Clara trembled in the corner, face burning with shame.  How could she ever face Charles again?  And how could he do this to her?

“Yes, I will see to it that she gets her homework assignment as we discussed.  Well then, I think that is all for now.  I’ll see to it that she is home promptly after her last lesson.”

As Mrs. Ashfield hung up the telephone, her butler entered the room, wheeling in what looked to be a large barrel.  The barrel had thick leather straps attached to it, intended to hold down even the most of insolent young ladies for discipline and training.  He placed the barrel in the center of the room and bowed deeply before Mrs. Ashfield before exiting, leaving Mrs. Ashfield alone with her charge.

“Clara, come here, now,” ordered Mrs. Ashfield.

When Clara turned she was dismayed at the large barrel contraption before her.  Her young eyes noticed the fierce leather straps at once and she knew that she was indeed going to be quite sorry as Mrs. Ashfield had predicted.

It was probably to her benefit that the panties which were shoved into her mouth prevented her from speaking as she surely would have began begging again, earning her yet another dose of the paddle.

Mrs. Ashfield beckoned her closer and Clara reluctantly closed the distance between them.  Without further discussion, Mrs. Ashfield took the trembling Clara by the arm and hauled her over the barrel.  She quickly strapped Clara to the barrel around her waist before the girl began to struggle too much.  She made her away around to the front and put each of Clara’s wrists in a restraint.  She could see that the girl was sobbing in fear but she felt no empathy for her.  If she had simply obeyed she would not be in the humiliating position that she was now in.

“Clara, you have been inexcusably naughty this afternoon and you will now pay the price.  Let this be a lesson to you girl.  You must learn that you are no longer in control of your body, that you no longer have free will.  You belong to your husband now and you will obey his every command.  I have been charged with training you to obey and obey you will, young lady.  I am now going to fetch my flogger and teach you yet another lesson in obedience.  Please know little Miss that this all could have been avoided.  You brought this on yourself with your willful disobedience.”

Mrs. Ashfield headed to her desk to retrieve the leather flogger she kept there for this purpose.  The device had a six inch wooden handle and about a dozen, thin leather straps attached.  Oh yes, this would impart a painful sting to the backside of the insolent young woman strapped to her barrel.  She would show her no mercy and she would teach her obedience before she was released today.

All Clara could do is cry into her panties as she heard the desk drawer open and close behind her.  Oh, how she wished she had been more careful in her selection of a husband.  Her mother had warned her that some men had certain “tastes” but she had ignored all warnings in search of a finer lifestyle for herself.  She could never have imagined the experiences she’d been forced to endure over the course of the morning prior to this day and she wanted to run away as far as she could.  Perhaps Mother and Father might take her back?  She knew this was far-fetched even as she thought it.  She remembered her older sister once coming back to her parent’s small apartment after a fight with her new husband and she remembered clearly the whipping her Daddy had given her sister before he sent her back to her husband.  No, she was trapped with Charles…her parents would be of no help.

Clara heard Mrs. Ashfield coming up behind her but despite how she squirmed, the restraints held her tightly in place.  She shook with dread when she felt the unfamiliar feeling of the flogger being lightly tapped upon her bottom, the cool leather straps seeming to touch all of her most intimate places all at the same time.  Her eyes widened and her panties absorbed her scream as the flogger was applied with force to her already spanked backside.

Mrs. Ashfield could hear Clara’s muffled cries as she liberally applied the flogger to Clara’s upturned bottom.  She knew that each individual leather strand of the flogger would find a sensitive area on Clara’s bottom, anus, and pussy and that soon, this naughty girl would be burning up.  And, she was right.  Clara sobbed, and squirmed, and cried, but nothing stopped the repeated application of the leather torture device Mrs. Ashfield whipped her with.  Her bottom was aflame and the most sensitive area between her thighs was being whipped as well.

Mrs. Ashfield saw the change as soon as it occurred.  All at once, Clara’s body sagged over the barrel and she no longer squirmed about but lay still, absorbing her discipline.  Mrs. Ashfield knew that at this moment, she had broken little Clara’s spirit and that the girl would be much more manageable for the duration of the afternoon.  After a few more strokes, she returned the flogger to her desk.

Clara’s bottom was quite the sight.  Her cheeks were deep crimson and welted and she had a few bruises from her earlier paddling.  She hung limply over the barrel.

Mrs. Ashfield walked around to the other side of the barrel, gently rubbing Clara’s back.

“There, there now,” she crooned.  “Your spanking is over, little one.  I do hope you learned your lesson this time,” Mrs. Ashfield said as she took Clara’s panties out of her mouth.

All Clara could do was hang there and cry.

Mrs. Ashfield released her restraints and helped Clara to stand.  She enveloped her in a deep hug, rubbing her back and praising her for taking her discipline.

“Now, now, dry your tears, little one,” Mrs. Ashfield told her.  “We still have a lot to accomplish this afternoon and I am afraid you are not going to like it one bit.  But, it is a necessary exercise Clara.  It will please your husband greatly when you have mastered this skill.”

Clara nodded her head, obediently, all of her willfulness gone.

As Mrs. Ashfield helped her onto the barrel in a different position, Clara offered no resistance.  She straddled the barrel as instructed and Mrs. Ashfield strapped her down.  Her well punished bottom jutted out behind her and she was spread wide under Mrs. Ashfield’s watchful eyes, her pussy and anus on clear display.  She lay her pretty face down on the barrel and closed her eyes.

Satisfied that Clara was in the proper position, Mrs. Ashfield once again picked up the phallic object from her desk, stroking it.  It was now dry of Clara’s juices and Mrs. Ashfield considered forcing it up the young girl’s backside without lubrication, but she dismissed the idea as she felt that Clara had just learned a hard lesson in submission during her whipping.  As she approached the nude girl who was strapped down on her barrel on full display, she decided that while Clara was back in-line, she still needed to be fully broken.  And there was only one way to do that.  A good bottom-fucking was just what the little girl needed.

“Clara, I am now going to resume your sexual training.  As I stated before, this is going to hurt.  And, because you were disobedient I am not going to go easy on you.  Please keep in mind as the cock teaches you a lesson, that you will be expected to lie down for Charles and take his cock into your bottom without these restraints.  You will lie still and focus on relaxing your bottom for him so that he may fully enjoy the experience.  Do you understand?” Mrs. Ashfield asked, lightly stroking Clara’s scarlet rear.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Clara whispered, full of fear.

With that, Mrs. Ashfield began to stroke Clara between her legs with the phallic object, re-wetting it with Clara’s own juices.  Just as Clara began to relax a little and enjoy the sensation of the cock upon her previously untouched clitoris, Mrs. Ashfield pulled the cock away and in one swift movement, put it firmly up Clara’s tight little bottom.

Clara screamed as the cock entered her, stretching her painfully.  Gone was the room around her, gone was Mrs. Ashfield, gone were any thoughts about Charles.  All that existed was the pain of the cock in her bottom.

“There, there,” crooned Mrs. Ashfield. “See?  It’s in, dear.  Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?  I’m going to just move it in and out a bit.  There we go.”

Clara sobbed as Mrs. Ashfield fucked her tight little bottom with the cock.  It was incredibly painful, violating, and humiliating to be treated this way.  And while at first, Mrs. Ashfield worked it in and out slowly, soon it was being slammed into her at a pace Mrs. Ashfield believed Charles might enjoy while punishing his wife with his cock.  She truly didn’t like treating little Clara like this, but she needed to learn her place.  And she knew nothing taught a disobedient little girl her place like a good bottom-fucking.

Clara’s lesson seemed to go on forever as she sobbed over the barrel.  She now understood that she would no longer be the girl she was before.  She now knew that she would indeed be coming back to this room every day this week to learn more lessons.  She understood that she was to exist for her husband and she was to obey his every command.  And she knew that he would fuck her just like this and that she would lie as still as possible to please him.

Satisfied that Clara had been sufficiently stretched and violated, Mrs. Ashfield pulled the cock from her upturned bottom.  She placed the object back on the desk and let Clara lie there in silence for a bit.

“Clara, have you learned a lesson from this experience, young lady?” she asked, sternly, crossing her arms.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Clara whimpered, submissively.

“And just what lesson is that little girl?”

“I-I’ve learned that I must obey,” Clara cried.

“Yes, that is right.  You must obey,” Mrs. Ashfield agreed.  “What else have you learned today, young lady?”

“I’ve learned that my body is no longer my own,” Clara said, trying to please.

“Yes, that is correct.  Your body belongs to your husband now to do with as he pleases.  You will exist solely to satisfy him.  Have you learned that yet?” Mrs. Ashfield asked.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Clara answered.

“Good,” a satisfied Mrs. Ashfield returned to her desk, leaving poor little Clara strapped to the barrel.  It felt good to sit down and rest her feet.  Disciplining such a naughty young thing was quite exhausting!

“Now, let’s discuss your homework for this evening,” Mrs. Ashfield began.  “Tonight, when you are returned to your home, you are to immediately seek out your husband.  You will kneel before him until he gives you permission to speak.  When and if he grants that permission, you will beg his forgiveness for the disrespect you have shown him up to this point in your marriage.  You will beg him to chastise you firmly for that disobedience.  At that point, Charles will instruct you as to what will come next.  You will obey his every command quickly and willingly.  Is this all clear, dear?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Clara said from her position over the barrel.

Mrs. Ashfield demanded that Clara recite her instructions back to her.  Clara did so, carefully.

“Good girl, Clara,” praised Mrs. Ashfield.  “Now, after Charles has chastised you, you are to thank him properly for disciplining you.  You will offer to service his cock with your mouth.  He may or may not put you down on your knees, but if he does, you will suck on him hard as you were shown earlier.  Do you remember that lesson, dear?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Clara answered obediently, remembering well what it felt like to have the large cock invade her tiny mouth.

“Good, well, I think you are beginning to have a clear understanding of what will be expected of you tonight.  Let’s get you unstrapped and on your way home to your husband,” Mrs. Ashfield said, standing and returning to Clara’s side.

“Clara, are you going to be a good girl tonight?” Mrs. Ashfield asked, letting her fingers stray between Clara’s thighs.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Clara answered, trying to push back against Mrs. Ashfield’s fingers.

“And are you going to obey your husband tonight, young lady?” Mrs. Ashfield asked, her fingers probing gently.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Clara moaned quietly.

“See that you do, young lady, see that you do,” and with that, Mrs. Ashfield took her fingers away.  She knew that tonight, the girl would experience sexual pleasure for the first time at the hand of her husband and she felt confident that she would please Charles, impressing him with her new-found obedience.  She unstrapped Clara from the barrel.

“Let’s get you dressed girl,” Mrs. Ashfield said and then she dressed Clara as she would a small child in a loving way.  She was actually feeling quite proud of her new charge.

When Clara was properly dressed, Mrs. Ashfield instructed the butler to escort her to her awaiting carriage.

During her ride home, Clara looked about in a daze, everything a blur.  She couldn’t yet comprehend how her world had changed, but she knew that tonight she would seek out Charles immediately and profusely apologize for her disobedience.  She was going to work so hard to please him.  And she knew, that tomorrow morning at 9am sharp, she would be further instructed on how to be a good wife under the firm tutelage of Mrs. Ashfield.

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  1. first time I have read a journey like this, the anticipation, the emotions, the euphoria of pleasing your Dom, the aches of passion inside you as crave a release of sexual tension, simply amazing

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    1. Thank you, thesentinel334! I hope you will find the first two chapters on my page…there is a link at the topic that reads “Spanking Fiction” where I organize all of my stories. Happy reading 🙂

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