Sometimes, Daddies aren’t perfect…

Sometimes, Daddies aren’t perfect.  Sometimes, even Daddies shirk their duties around the house.  This happened in our house, yesterday.  I was glad that it happened though as a great conversation which promoted growth sparked from it, a new ritual was created, and two individuals (me and Daddy) were ecstatic to have figured out a way to handle a situation which previously may have caused conflict between us.

So, what happened?  Well, Daddy and I are in the middle of several home repair projects.  One of these projects includes moving all of the wood that we split from an oak that fell last winter and the second is finishing up our burn piles before burn season is over.  Yesterday morning, Daddy sent me out to run some errands.  As he was coming home for lunch that day, he had promised to 1) use his truck to move our trailer next to the pile of wood, so that I could load the trailer with wood that afternoon and Daddy could help me unload it into the woodshed when he was off work that evening, and 2) He was going to pick up a burn permit from the local fire department so we could get some of our burn piles done this weekend.  I am always anxious to be home if Daddy is, so I did my errands quickly and was able to get home at the tail end of his lunch break.  When I pulled into the drive, I was confused to see that the trailer had not been moved and Daddy’s lunch break was over in just 15 minutes.

I went inside and instead of greeting Daddy properly, I blurted out, “Why didn’t you move the trailer?  You know I was planning on loading it up this afternoon.” This was my first mistake, though Daddy let it slide.  He told me that he had just forgot and that he didn’t have time to do it now, but that we would still load the trailer up that evening (he knows I’ve been anxious to get the wood up off the ground and into the shed).  Now, feeling a bit upset, I asked, “What about the burn permit?  Did you get that done?”…at this point, there was quite a bit of attitude in my tone as I was pretty sure that he had not stopped by the fire department.  As suspected, Daddy had forgotten that he was supposed to do that as well.  The poor guy just wanted to enjoy his lunch!

At this point, I started lecturing Daddy… a big no-no in our new dynamic.  Before I could process what was happening, Daddy had taken me by the arm, bent me over the arm of the couch, taken down my pants and panties, and was giving me the spanking I had earned for disrespecting him.  After about a minute of this, he asked me if I knew why I was getting a spanking, and I told him that I did.  It took less than a minute for me to realize that I was in the wrong and I felt very sorry.  He began to spank me again, this time much harder.  I was soon very, very sorry.  When he felt I had learned my lesson he helped me up and wrapped me in a big hug.  I felt very contrite with my well-spanked behind and he had returned me firmly back to my submissive place.

However, after Daddy left to go back to work, we both did some thinking and began to text one another.  Daddy apologized for forgetting to move the trailer and for forgetting to stop by and get the permit.  I apologized for losing control of my emotions and for lecturing him.  But, as Daddy pointed out, sometimes he was going to screw up and we needed to figure out a way that I could express my disappointment with him when such things occurred.  He didn’t feel that it was right or fair that I couldn’t express these feelings when he messed up but it still had to work within our new dynamic.  I thought about it a lot that afternoon and I came up with something I thought might work for us and I proposed it to Daddy via text.  This is the text that I sent him.

“What if we tried something different, Daddy? What would you think if when I am upset with something you’ve done, me having to request permission to kneel before you before I am allowed to say it?  This might help me to communicate my feelings more respectfully and it might help you not to feel defensive, helping to maintain our D/s dynamic.”

Daddy wrote back almost immediately that he loved the idea!

Well, the new plan has already been put into action.  While we were cooking dinner last night, the topic of burn piles came up again and Daddy again, apologized that he had not yet got the burn permit.  I began to speak, but Daddy stopped me, putting his fingers to my lips.  “This is your one reminder, little girl.  Shouldn’t you be kneeling?”

I immediately kneeled before him, in awe of my Daddy’s consistency, and bowed my head.  I apologized for not being in the proper position before sharing my thoughts on his behavior.  I was able to express what I needed to say, respectfully, and then Daddy helped me back up and into his arms.  What previously in our marriage could have turned into resentment, was handled easily with the new tools that D/s has afforded us.

I love you Daddy!  Thank you for continuing to help me better myself 🙂

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  1. At the very beginning of our adventure if either of us slipped into vanilla land we would use our given names on each other as a reminder. LOL I suppose that still applies although I can’t remember when the last time was it happened!

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    1. Once you get used to things a certain way it really is surprising what a word can do … Even if Sir needs to tell someone else my name, it feels strange/uncomfortable to me to hear it.

      I told friends a while back a funny story that when I was on the phone filling out a form, I had to actually stop and *think* … ummm, what is His real name again?!?!? LOL bizarre to say the least!

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      1. That is too funny! Daddy still use my name all the time, and my first and middle name when I’m in trouble…but I typically call him Daddy or Sir. I have to be really careful when we are around other people because it has become so ingrained in me to call him Daddy. Not that it would be the worst thing in the world if I slipped up, but it might make others uncomfortable.

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        1. I know what you mean, I use Sir at home but either Bear or Mr. (Last name here) when we are out or with family. Normally I get a “Oh that’s so cute”, or a “wow, that’s cool, you two ..!”

          Of course when we are with His side I need to say ‘my Mr. ____’! LOL

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          1. That’s too funny! When we are out, I don’t call Daddy Mr “his last name” but I just call him by his last name. It is something that my older brother started doing when he first met my husband and it just caught on 🙂

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      2. This was an AWSOME post NN – Thank you. I reflect now. I live in Seattle which is supposed to be known for it’s kink (although most days it feels more like vanilla rain). I had one millennial sub who got an extra joy out of inciting reaction by calling me “Daddy” in public. At the grocery store, shopping at the mall, in a restaurant etc. One day she was being overly overt in this with a woman in line behind us that must have been pressing her mid 80s. This woman gave the best reaction – she lean s in slowly to my ear and says “You know, if I were you I would ensure she gets an extra hard spanking tonight to remind her that is isn’t nice to sass or entice her elders”. and gives me a big wink and a pat on my butt. I love that you two have figured out the working of the 24/7 D/S relationship. That is harder to do than most think. And I love that the proper naming convention versus public expectations even needs to be thought of. It means you two are doing it right……

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        1. Thank you for the reply, WickedDaddy! I love the idea of that elderly woman leaning in to tell you she should get a hard spanking…I hope your sub heard it 🙂


  2. I LOVE the way you guys have worked things out in order to make sure there isn’t the confrontations and the strife you had before. I am glad that you know who your are. You have a strong claim about who you are in your own skin and your heart. You know you aren’t a beating post or a slave. I also love the fact he doesn’t treat you that way either. Good for you two.

    I am a strong believer that this is how God would have people live their marriages..

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    1. Thank you, Mark for this incredibly thoughtful response! I am very happy with the way we are working things out with our new lifestyle. I am much happier treating my husband with the upmost respect and consideration, and in turn, he is taking care of me differently as well. I can’t speak for all marriages, but it sure is working for mine 🙂

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      1. I mean how this Daddy thing works.
        Basically he’s your husband but you call him Daddy?

        Is there any specific rule in d/s?
        I mean, people might get offended when they hear this term used in this way.

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        1. I’m not too concerned with others getting offended by how I refer to my Husband. I call him Daddy as a sign of respect (in our marriage, he is the head of our household)…it also implies that he will take care of me, guide me, and discipline me when he feels I need it. There are many guidelines for D/s, but for our dynamic we do what works for us. We started as Domestic Discipline (DD) but have incorporated a lot of Dominance&submission (D/s) as we go along. You might try researching those two terms to get started in your understanding.

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                    1. Good morning, SumitOfficial! I put together a short email which includes links to websites pertaining to DD and D/s but there is no email address listed on your blog…do you have one that you don’t mind sharing? If not, I suppose I could just post the whole thing in a comment. Please let me know 🙂

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  3. A very good ritual to create, but I must say, your submissive nature hasn’t sunk in very deep if you lash out at Daddy still when things aren’t done correctly or in a timely manner. Maybe next time along with kneeling, you should just skip ahead and give him the paddle first. 🙂

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  4. I had an experience online when the female just started calling me sir, I was like ummm my name is …. she said no it is sir, I rolled with that and once called her by her real name and was scolded by her lol

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