Reflecting on 30 Days of D/s- Day 18

Hello fellow bloggers! I have decided to partake in the 30 Days of D/s, which I will utilize as a writing exercise, presented by John Brownstone and Kayla Lords at Loving BDSM.  As suggested by the title, this free activity explores topics surrounding D/s relationships.  I know that there are many of us in this particular circle of writers who are engaged in this writing activity at the moment, so bear with me.  I think that this will be a useful endeavor in further exploring this new lifestyle that Daddy and I have set out on.  As always, thank you for reading!


Loving BDSM’s 30 Days of D/s – Day 18

Prompt: Have you ever considered D/s without a sexual component? Would you be interested in something like it? How important is sex to your current or future D/s relationship? These are just a few things to think about if the concept is new to you

The only way to begin to address this prompt is with a very eloquent LOL (as in, laugh out loud) and a great big heck NO!!! I absolutely do not want a D/s dynamic without a sexual component.  With that said, I realize these prompts are for individuals who are at various stages in their lives…some who are single, some who have a partner or two, and some who are monogamous like Daddy and I, etc.  As Daddy and I walk hand in hand farther and farther down this winding path of D/s, our sex life just keeps getting better and better.  Sex is a very important aspect to our marriage for a variety of reasons…it satisfies basic human need, it provides a forum for physical intimacy, it allows us to give the gift of pleasure to one another, and it is just plain fun!  Sex as a part of our new D/s dynamic has been incredible… it provides another opportunity for Daddy to show me who’s boss, it allows us to explore new things we’d never considered in a safe way, and it just makes everything that much hotter in the bedroom (and the living room, and the kitchen, and the garage…).

The idea of having a D/s dynamic with another individual, where it is based solely on the power exchange is interesting to me.  Not as in something I am interested in, but the idea is intriguing.  This discussion prompt prompted me to visit the WordPress page of StrictMotivaton4u this morning, as I had seen his posts in my feed many times, and I read about the services which he offers to individuals who desire to work on various aspects of their life with a Dom for hire.  Talk about a neat career! I won’t pretend to know all what is entailed with his services, please visit his page for yourself, but I imagine that this is one scenario where a dominant and submissive may come together without the sexual component.  I wish I had more to say on the subject, but that’s about it.  Short and sweet this morning.

Happy writing 🙂

~ nora

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Nora.

    It is interesting to think about the styles of D/s that do not involve sexual intimacy. The ultra rare service submissives that prefer to have no emotional/physical intimacy are out there. There are also those who practice M/s and have removed the sexual component from their interactions.

    Things fall into more of a gray area when you start dealing with chastity enthusiasts or those who practice long-term orgasm denial. It is sort of funny when you try and classify this, is it sexual or non-sexual?

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    1. Very intriguing points, furcissy! From what I have been reading on the blog of one of our peers, his chastity experience seems very sexual as he is still required to sexually satisfy his Queen. Also…what is M/s….Master, slave? Still learning…

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      1. Yes, M/s is Master/slave. Removing the sexual identity from the slave is far more common in F/m relationships of this type than in M/f, but it is out there.

        This does give an expanded view of what could be classified as “sexual”, doesn’t it? Even moreso if you evaluate arousal with conscious desire vs. subconscious or unintentional environmental arousal. The rabbit hole goes very deep.

        Take care.

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  2. I would not be interested in any D/S relationship without a sexual component. I think chastity is very sexual. That’s what I have given my Queen–my sexuality. The chastity just adds to the desire and frustration I feel.

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