Spanking Fiction- Mrs. Ashfield’s School of Manners and More, Ch. 2

Chapter Two     

Clara shifted nervously in her seat on her welted bottom as she stared at the large phallic object in Mrs. Ashfield’s hands.  Her chocolate brown eyes were wide and staring and her anxious little mouth formed a small “o”.  Her cheeks blushed in the most beautiful way and Mrs. Ashfield observed that her tight little nipples were has hard as pebbles under her dress.  Oh yes, this little girl was responding quite well to her discipline.  But, there was still much more to learn.

“You have neglected to give your husband what is rightfully his, young lady,” stated Mrs. Ashfield, matter-of-factly.  “Tonight, your husband will rectify that situation and you will spread those pretty thighs wide for him, willingly, and with desire.  However, he has expressed to me that he does not have the time to train such a young, disobedient wife and therefore, it will be under my tutelage that you will learn how you may satisfy your husband’s sexual needs.”

Clara felt shivers running down her spine.  She couldn’t take her eyes off the object in Mrs. Ashfield’s hands, that she was caressing with her fingers.  How had she gotten into this mess and how could she escape?  If only she had been nicer to Charles, if only she hadn’t tried to con him out of a willing wife.  She was beginning to understand just how high of a price she was going to pay for her insolence to her husband.

“We will begin to widen your knowledge of sexual activities now, Miss Clara.  Please stand up and remove your dress,” Mrs. Ashfield commanded, rising from her chair, but continuing to stroke the piece in her hands.

Clara immediately said “no” and began to beg and when she jumped to her feet, Mrs. Ashfield’s tawse dropped to the floor.  “Please Ma’am, please let me go home, please don’t make me take off my dress!”

“Young lady, stop that begging immediately!” Mrs. Ashfield roared.  She came round the desk and took a strong hold of Clara’s arm, shaking her.  “You are not going anywhere and you are going to learn obedience, young miss, even if I have to spend the rest of the afternoon applying my strap to your bottom for you to do so.”

Scared out of her mind, Clara shut her mouth and begged silently with her big, brown eyes.

“Now,” began Mrs. Ashfield.  “We are going to deal with that little tantrum, young lady.  Take your dress off immediately.”  She released Clara’s arm, but stood so close to her, Clara could feel her warm breath in her hair.

Out of options, and fearing that Mrs. Ashfield would carry out her threat to strap her bottom all afternoon, Clara began to undo the buttons on her gown.  Her fingers shook as she worked the buttons through the tiny holes.  There were so many buttons!

“Hurry up, young lady,” Mrs. Ashfield said, arms crossed now, tapping her foot.  “You are going to have to learn to strip much quicker than that if you don’t want to feel the sting of your husband’s crop upon your backside.”

Clara’s head shot up in alarm.  Charles had a crop?  Surely he wouldn’t…She hurriedly completed unbuttoning her dress and let it slide off her shoulders and down off her hips.

“Pick up your dress and fold it neatly,” commanded Mrs. Ashfield.  “Place it on my desk please.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Clara whispered.  She stood now in only her slip, her panties down around her knees, garters still in place.

“Take off the slip and be quick about it,” Mrs. Ashfield ordered.

Clara quickly raised the slip up and over her head, placing it neatly on top of her dress.  She tried to cover herself in the front, but Mrs. Ashfield slapped her hands away.  The air felt cold upon her skin and soon she was covered in goosepimples, her legs shaking in nervous anticipation of what was to come.

“Now, young lady,” Mrs. Ashfield began, fixing Clara with a cool stare.  “You have just committed two infractions for which you need to be disciplined.  First, you allowed my tawse to fall to the floor when I had so thoughtfully left it resting upon your thighs for you as a reminder.  For that, I am going to give you six strokes to your palms for being so clumsy and ungrateful.  Second, you will learn that you are not allowed to say “no” to me and you will learn not to beg leniency when orders are given.  I can assure you that your husband will have little tolerance for such antics when he makes requests of you.  You will learn to obey immediately, without question.”

Poor little Clara just stood there, shaking, arms at her sides, head down in defeat.

“Clara, you will now pick up my tawse,” Mrs. Ashfield said.

As Clara reluctantly began to reach down for the dreaded implement, Mrs. Ashfield stopped her.

“Oh no, young lady.  Not with your hands.  You will pick up my tawse with that pretty little mouth of yours and then you will kneel before me and wait until I retrieve it from you.  On your hands and knees, now,” Mrs. Ashfield’s stern tone suggested that Clara obey immediately.

Seeing no other choice, Clara began to get down on her hands and knees.  She felt completely and utterly humiliated to be before this woman, clad only in her underthings and her panties at half-mast, about to retrieve Mrs. Ashfield’s tawse for her like a disobedient little puppy.  She looked up pleadingly at Mrs. Ashfield, but Mrs. Ashfield simply pointed to the tawse and said, “Now, young lady”.

Anything but graceful, Clara lowered her young face to the floor, attempting to get the tawse into her mouth.  After a few attempts, she had the leather strap firmly between her teeth and she began to rise.

“Kneel, girl,” Mrs. Ashfield ordered.

Clara kneeled before her.

“Spread those thighs.  No, wider,” she was told.

Clara spread her thighs as wide as her lowered panties would allow.

“Cross your arms behind your back,” Mrs. Ashfield ordered.

Clara obeyed, crossing her arms.

“Head up, but lower your eyes to the floor.”

What a pretty picture Clara made.  If only Charles could see her now, thought Mrs. Ashfield.  What a different girl she was than the impudent young woman who had waltzed into her office earlier.  Now, she kneeled on the floor, welted bottom on display, the rest of her body soft and untouched.  And with a leather tawse in her pretty mouth.  Yes, what a picture she made.

Mrs. Ashfield stepped behind Clara and quickly undid her brassier, setting two, beautifully plump breasts free from restraint.  Clara squealed but she did not drop the tawse and she did not break position.  Finally, after a full minute of letting her kneel in anticipation, Mrs. Ashfield took the tawse from her mouth.

“Stand up girl,” Mrs. Ashfield ordered.  Clara rose from the floor, her knees in pain from kneeling on the wood floor.

“You will now be disciplined for allowing my tawse to fall to the floor.  Hold out your right hand.  Good.  Now place your left hand under your right for support.  Straight out in front of you.”

When Clara was in the proper position, Mrs. Ashfield gave a quick stroke with the tawse to her right hand.

“Owww,” Clara cried out, remembering this familiar pain from grade school.  But, in grade school, she hadn’t been standing before her disciplinarian with panties at half-mast and her breasts fully exposed.

Mrs. Ashfield waited until Clara was properly in position again.

Whap!  This elicited another shriek from Clara.  Whap!

The tears began to fall again as Clara’s left hand was next disciplined.  Mrs. Ashfield was unrelenting and delivered each stroke with expertise.  This discipline left Clara with two stinging palms and wet cheeks.

“Good, now that this lesson is complete, let’s see if we can teach you a lesson about saying “no” to orders given to you,” Mrs. Ashfield said, leaving Clara’s side and walking back to her desk.

Clara had learned that nothing good for her came out of those desk drawers and this time was no different.  Mrs. Ashfield pulled out a small, but heavy wooden paddle and walked back around the desk to stand by Clara’s side.

“I will now introduce you to my paddle, young lady.  Charles has informed me that he has one that is quite similar so you might do yourself well and get used to this now.  I can assure you that this paddle will make you desperately want to avoid further trouble with me,” she informed Clara.

Clara shook, eyes wide, fearful of what was coming.  She was beginning to realize that she better start listening and listening well if she wanted to be able to sit down any time soon.

“Turn around and put your hands on your head.  Feet shoulder width apart.  Good girl.  Now arch your back, little Clara.  I need you to stick your rear end out for me so that I can paddle you properly,” Mrs. Ashfield said, just itching for the paddling to commence.

Clara obeyed, and pushed her already sore behind out for the paddle, not wanting to earn further punishment.  Mrs. Ashfield quickly raised it and smacked Clara’s bottom firmly with it.

The paddle caused a ferocious sting and Clara fought hard to maintain her position.  Whack, whack, whack went the paddle relentlessly across her bare bottom.

“Why are you being paddled, young lady?”  Mrs. Ashfield asked between strokes.

“Be-because I said no to you, Ma’am,” Clara sobbed.

Whack, whack, whack!  “That is correct young lady and you will learn that you are not allowed to say no to me and you are certainly not allowed to say no to your husband.  Is that clear?” Mrs. Ashfield asked, raining the paddle down all over the bare bottom that was jutted out in front of her.

“Yes, Ma’am!” Clara cried.  “I understand, please….!!!”

“No begging, young lady,” Mrs. Ashfield scolded, continuing to paddle Clara’s bottom.  “You will take your spanking like a good girl, no complaints.  Hold still young lady, you keep that naughty bottom in position.”

The paddle continued to rise and fall for a full minute more and upon completion, Clara’s bottom looked like two ripe cherries, a deep, hot crimson.  Her tears fell and her breasts heaved as she sobbed.  She was completely and utterly contrite…broken down, and ready to learn whatever lessons Mrs. Ashfield had for her.

“Now then,” Mrs. Ashfield said, sitting down on the chair that Clara’s bottom had formerly occupied.  “Now that that is complete, let’s continue your training, shall we?”

Clara stood there, silent now, but tears still slipping down her cheeks.

“Are you forgetting your manners so quickly, young lady?  You will answer respectfully when asked a question,” Mrs. Ashfield said sternly.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Clara managed.  “Ple-please continue my training, Ma’am.”

“Certainly, I shall.  Now, be a good girl and retrieve that for me,” Mrs. Ashfield said, pointing at the phallic object she had removed from the drawer earlier.

Clara shuffled around to the desk, her panties hindering her movement.  She cautiously picked up the object, feeling it stiffness and weight.  She stared at it in wonderment.

“Hurry up now, Clara.  Bring it to me,” Mrs. Ashfield’s voice brought her out of her reverie and she quickly returned to her place by her new tutor.

Taking the object from Clara, Mrs. Ashfield smiled inwardly at the girl’s response.  She was flushed again, across her cheeks and her pretty chest, and her eyes were wide.  Mrs. Ashfield had no doubt that if she felt between the girl’s legs, which she would do shortly, she would find wetness there from both her discipline and her anticipation of what was to come.

“Now, Clara,” Mrs. Ashfield began.  “This object is very similar to what your husband has between his legs.  Charles has told me that he likes to refer to his manhood as his cock so you will become comfortable using that terminology when pleasing him.  Say it now please.  What is this object?”

“ is a c-cock Ma’am”, Clara whispered, hesitantly.

“Good girl, Clara.  A bit louder though.  What is this?” Mrs. Ashfield asked, holding up the phallic object.

“It is a cock, Ma’am,” Clara answered again, this time louder.  She certainly did not want to give Mrs. Ashfield any reason to use that paddle again, which was now resting against the foot of the chair.

“That’s right, good girl.  Now, as I was saying earlier, Charles will want to put his manhood—his cock—into your pretty, wet little holes so we must train them to take a cock as large as this one,” she informed Clara.

“Hands on your head dear,” she ordered.  “Good girl.  Now, he will certainly want to put his cock here and will be doing so this evening,” Mrs. Ashfield said, slipping two fingers right into Clara’s young pussy.  Clara gasped and Mrs. Ashfield nodded, knowingly.  Yes, the girl certainly was wet.  Removing her fingers she then reached up to Clara’s pretty lips.  “He will also want to put his cock here,” and with that, Mrs. Ashfield pushed her two wet fingers right into Clara’s reluctant mouth.  “Suck dear.  No, I said to suck, Clara.  Please don’t disobey me now,” she said sternly.

Soon, Clara was sucking on Mrs. Ashfield’s fingers, tasting herself for the very first time.  She was surprised by the taste, and surprised to feel the wetness growing between her legs.

“Good girl,” Mrs. Ashfield rewarded her with a pat to her naked behind.  “Turn for me, dear,” she said, guiding Clara around so that her bottom was facing Mrs. Ashfield from her place on the chair.  With one hand, she spread Clara’s well-spanked bottom cheeks and she placed a finger on her anus.  “And, he will want to put his cock here,” Mrs. Ashfield said, placing some pressure there but not inserting her fingers, not yet anyhow.

Again, Clara gasped, all the sensations so new to her.  She wasn’t sure what was happening to her body, but she could feel her pulse racing and her heart thumping in her chest.  And then there was the wetness, she felt as if she were dripping down there.  What was happening to her?

“Okay, dear.  I am now going to have you bend over my knee.  Come here, that’s right, over you go,” Mrs. Ashfield said as she guided the nearly naked Clara across her lap.  When Clara was face down and bottoms up over her lap, she handed Clara the phallic representation of her husband’s cock.  Mrs. Ashfield also leaned down and picked up her small but fierce, wood paddle.

“Let’s begin, shall we?” she asked, testing poor little Clara.  She rested the paddle against her naked bottom.

“Yes, Ma’am, “Clara responded, answering respectfully, wanting to avoid another spanking at all costs.

“You are going to learn to suck your husband’s cock today, little Clara.  What I would like you to do now, is put the cock in your mouth, as far as it will go,” Mrs. Ashfield said, giving Clara a little tap with the paddle as motivation.

Clara quickly held the object up to her face, and swallowing hard, she inserted it into her mouth.

“Come on dear, further now.  Surely you can take more than that,” Mrs. Ashfield said, watching closely.

Clara thought she might gag but she inserted the object even further.

“Good girl, Clara!” Mrs. Ashfield praised.  “You are learning quickly, my dear.”  She said this as she gave Clara’s bottom a quick rub, allowing her fingers to graze the exposed lips of Clara’s young pussy.

“Now I would like you to suck, Clara.  You suck on that cock just like you sucked on my fingers earlier,” Mrs. Ashfield commanded.

Clara began to suck in earnest, wanting to please Mrs. Ashfield, and hoping that her fingers might stray between her legs once again.

And so, while nearly nude, over Mrs. Ashfield’s knee, bare bottom just begging for a spanking, Clara learned how she might suck on her husband’s cock.  She sucked hard and learned to lap at the cock with her tongue, like a lollipop.  Mrs. Ashfield also taught her how to swirl the cock around in her mouth always being cautious not to use her teeth too much.  She was rewarded with pats to her warm bottom, and fingers lightly grazing over her pussy.  Clara felt light-headed and increasingly warm.  She no longer felt anxious but she felt like something was coming, something truly good was coming.

Mrs. Ashfield sensed that Clara’s was nearing orgasm and she stopped her light petting.

“Okay, Clara, you may stop now, my dear,” she said, rubbing the young girl’s back and taking the phallic object back from her.  “You have done very well, young lady and I am quite proud of you.  I think you will please your husband greatly with your new skills.”

Clara lapped up the attention, wanting more attention between her thighs.  She squirmed over Mrs. Ashfield’s knee, not knowing what she wanted, but needing it desperately.

“I’m afraid though that we still need to train your other hole, dear,” Mrs. Ashfield informed her, lightly applying pressure to Clara’s anus once again.  “I’m afraid this may not be quite as pleasant dear.  In fact, many young ladies such as yourself report that this can be quite painful in the beginning but, you will remain over my knee and you will relax yourself, and you will learn.  You need to learn how to take your husband’s cock here, Clara, this is a very important lesson,” Mrs. Ashfield told her.

“First, I am going to insert this cock into your wetness, dear,” Mrs. Ashfield said, as she lightly dipped the object into the wetness between Clara’s thighs.

Clara moaned and pushed back, wanting to feel the cock inside of her.  However, Mrs. Ashfield did not allow that to occur.  Charles had demanded that his new bride remained untouched between her legs so that he might have the honor of conquering that hole that very evening.

Once the object was naturally oiled with Clara’s very own juices, Mrs. Ashfield pressed the tip right against Clara’s budding bottom hole.

“You’ll need to relax, young lady.  Good girl.  I’m just going to slide it in a little,” she said, beginning to put pressure on Clara’s tight little opening.

As the phallic shaped object began to push open her tight little bottom hole, Clara began to squeal and squirm in alarm.  It felt too large and it was beginning to hurt as it stretched her.  But, unfortunately for Clara, Mrs. Ashfield was quite practiced in training a young girl’s bottom for a new husband’s cock.  She knew that she could not stop until Clara learned to take it, and to take all of it.  After all, it was her husband’s command.

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          1. Very true, a natural born Dom. Still, to have him discipline you by proxy through a severe training regime obviously pushes a lot of hot buttons for you. I have discovered—as a writer—that my commenters steer the characters to some extent. Ruby skews very close to what you and many others want to experience in their fantasies. If I did have a school, and if you were a pupil, your Daddy and I would have long conversations on how best to provide you with lots of pleasure mixed with pain. All for your own edification of course, seeing that you were the one who eagerly went over his knee in the first place.

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  1. That is WOW! That old lady is a perv for one. I can see her showing on her self how things are done. But the way she is training Clara, WOW! But I like the way you go into detail with your stories. The reader can visualize better.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Mark! I am having a lot of fun with this one as it is pushing me outside of my comfort zone. There will be more elements of domestic discipline once Clara is returned to her husband. I think she will find that her husband isn’t quite the easily pacified man that she once thought 🙂

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