It’s just the little things!

It’s just the little things!

Okay…just a quick post.  Last night as I was making dinner, Daddy came in to supervise, which was a very pleasant surprise.  From the way he was watching me (like some kind of predator) I began to feel very self-conscious (in a good, sexy way).  He said to me,  “That is a nice shirt baby girl” to which I replied, “thank you, Daddy”.  Next, he said in his very deep, sexy, authoritative man voice, “I wouldn’t want you to ruin it.  Why don’t you just take it off now”.  I blushed but obeyed immediately.  He didn’t give further instructions so I continued making dinner.  But then he said, “Why don’t you just take that pretty little bra off as well, young lady”.  Now I was really beginning to feel the heat and not from the stove!.  I obeyed his request and removed my bra, blushing from head to toe as I was standing in our kitchen totally topless under his watchful eye.  As he grunted his approval and began to leave the room he said, “You may wear your apron baby”.

It is the little things like this that have caused me to fall in love with our new D/s lifestyle and to fall further and deeper in love with my husband.  These few brief commands will have me smiling for days (as I am right now) and leave me wanting nothing but to please my Daddy.  Well, and to feel his hands all over my body, but that is another story.  Love you Daddy!

Happy writing!

~ nora


27 thoughts on “It’s just the little things!

  1. I completely agree with this! We spend time once a week with a group of friends and even just the simple things like having me serve him his drinks instead of him getting up like everyone else does, and the soft but firm way he tells me to do so… that alone gets me going…

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  2. My lady loves it when I tell her how I want to take care of her. She loves it when I tell her that I want her to do things that will be beneficial to her well being.

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    1. Just read your latest story! Fantastic! Okay…dying to know…did Melissa make it home on-time after her spanking from Jake, or did she earn another spanking from Mom for missing curfew? What a brat! 🙂


  3. I can certainly relate to how you felt topless in your kitchen. I recall how I felt at the very beginning our my first DD relationship. One of the covenants was I am to be kept totally nude whenever in the house. At the start, I felt much like you felt only I was completely nude. Now in my second and best female-led DD relationship, I am totally comfortable being kept nude. I occasionally answer the door nude and depending on the guests, stay nude during their visit.

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  4. Most real close friends know I am a spanked male submissive and some have even spanked me themselves. Other friends….some know, some don’t. I stay nude for a visit from one of my brothers and his wife, but not the other brother. Some of the friends that do not know about the spanking, know and accept my nudity. We always use the hot tub nude. Many strangers and some friends have seen me nude in various places and situations.

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