Lately, Daddy has been super strict. I don’t want to say that he isn’t always strict or consistent—because he’s actually pretty darn consistent—but he has been watching me very carefully, pointing out any and all naughty behavior, and disciplining me at the first opportunity.

Spanking Fiction- The Crystal Saga Continues

There was much excitement in the weeks preceding Sam and Crystal’s wedding. Details had to be ironed out, important choices had to be made, and Crystal needed to finish out her college semester successfully. While she was ecstatic to be marrying the man of her dreams, Crystal was feeling the stress of wedding planning and semester finals like a yoke around her neck. On one day in particular, while she was out wedding dress shopping with her mother, the stress was so overwhelming that she was acting like your classic “bridezilla” and her mother had had just about enough.

Lunchtime Quickie

My Daddy and I were able to meet at our house around lunchtime today. It is the week of finals at the University where I teach and I have been feeling the stress. Daddy knows just what to do in this situation and I received a very quick yet effective, bare bottom spanking on his lunch break.

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