Trust and Obedience

Daddy has worked really hard to teach me how to be a good girl for him.  He is very consistent and very clear about his expectations for my behavior.  Yesterday, I failed him miserably.  I demonstrated a lack of trust in him and when he tried to remind me to behave, I directly disobeyed him.  He is definitely not happy with me and has promised to deal with me when he returns.  There is no doubt in my mind that “dealing with me” is going to mean a very hot and sore bottom for me.

Being Memorial Day weekend we had invited friends over for a BBQ.  When our friends arrived, one of their kids accidentally let our dog out of the gate.  Our dog loves to take herself on a nice, long run so as soon as she saw that gate open she was outta there.  My husband is very calm and practical about this as our dog is very smart about cars and we live in a very rural area with no traffic whatsoever.  I, however; am very over protective and hate when she gets out.  It really stresses me out.  So, my reaction was to throw on my shoes and head for the door.

At this point, Daddy stopped me in the hallway.  Our company was in the other room, putting the food in the kitchen.  Daddy told me that he would get the dog and that I was to go into the kitchen and make our guests comfortable.  Reasonable request, right?  I did not respond how Daddy has trained me to respond to his requests.  Instead of saying, “Yes, Daddy”, I argued with him and told him that I would get the dog.  Daddy gave me a very stern look and again, told me to go into the kitchen and help our guests.  Again, I argued.  At this point, Daddy began to turn me around and I feared he was going to spank me with our guests right in the other room.  I refused to let myself be turned around.  Daddy then told me in a very stern voice to “turn around this minute”.  Again, I did not obey.  He shook his head, angry at my disobedience and I begged him (in a whisper) not to spank me right there where everyone would hear.  He just continued to stare at me, shaking his head, repeating his request that I turn around.  I finally let myself be turned around.  At that point, Daddy pinched my bottom very hard as a reminder to obey.  He told me to get into the kitchen and that he would deal with my disobedience the next day (it was understood that our guests would most likely stay well into the night).

So, Daddy went to get the dog who was already back in the driveway at that point.  We were able to have a fun evening with our friends, despite my disobedience.  That is one thing I really love about Daddy…he doesn’t stay angry at me, he just tells me firmly that he will deal with me later.  While I was mad at myself for being disobedient, I worked very hard at being a good host and I know that pleased Daddy.  When I look back on the event, I know that I demonstrated a lack of trust in my Daddy by not seeing that he was more than capable of bringing the dog home.  I also was directly disobedient in two ways… not obeying his request to go to the kitchen and help our guests, and not turning around for the reminder pinch he planned on giving me.  I was able to talk to Daddy after this happened and he reassured me that he would never spank me within ear shot of friends or family, to protect our privacy.  He was very disappointed that I didn’t trust him not to do this.  All in all, it was definitely a learning experience.

Daddy was not able to be here to discipline me tonight, but I know I am surely facing a serious spanking tomorrow when he gets home from work.  Tonight, he had me write lines for him as part of my punishment.  I wrote “I will trust and obey my Daddy at all times” one hundred times for him, while sitting at our dining room table, nude, with a plug in my bottom.  I am definitely feeling contrite and sorry for my actions.  I know that I have come a long way since we began to incorporate domestic discipline into our marriage, but I still need to work on my reactions when I am stressed.  I have no doubt that Daddy’s discipline will help me to do just that.

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  1. I have suggested writing lines to my Queen but she isn’t interested in making me. My number gets so high sometimes that a non painful way of lowering it would be good. lol. But it won’t happen in our house.

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    1. I both dread and enjoy writing lines. Its tedious and takes forever, plus, Im not really used to hand writing anymore (more uses to typing now). But, when I am finished I do get this sense of accomplishment handing Daddy my lines…I think that is the writer in me😊

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  2. You certainly disobeyed and mistrusted him. Being stressed, as you were, sometimes makes us all forget the correct behavior. In this case, your stress should have ended when he calmly directed you to do something. You refused. He directed you to do something else, again you refused. There is no doubt you will be spanked for your actions and it will be justifiable. You are indeed lucky to have a person like him who will not punish you in public and remain calm during your stress over the dog. Take you discipline like a good girl and most of all, LEARN something from this experience.

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    1. I definitely will, thank you spankedcowboy. I can’t believe I behaved like that! Daddy was so disappointed in me. I will try harder…I feel like I was put to the test and failed miserably. Learning curve, I suppose…


      1. Learning is about all you can pull out of the mess, except a very sore bottom for sure. I can relate to slipping when under stress, it happens to me and I guess all of us from time to time. I think you put yourself to the test. After he did not lose his cool and gave you the directive to attend to the guests, was when you should have ended your stress and obeyed. It was the second refusal of turning around that broke the straw in my opinion. There in lies the lesson.

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        1. I know you are right. I’m very disappointed in myself. This is very hard at times and at others, it comes second nature. Needless to say, I will definitely be sleeping on my tummy tonight…so sore…but motivated to be better


  3. Yikes! I know the Bear would not be happy with me in that scenario … He never gets angry either, He just has this stern look of disappointment that stops me in my tracks! I always do my best to avoid it at all costs.

    Having to wait afterwards before finally being able to put it behind us would also be miserable! Stress is tough to handle, sorry you didn’t do so well this time around. :/

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  4. I am surprised that you would disobey like that. You deserve this upcoming spanking you will get. May you learn your lesson and may you make this right with your daddy. He will need to hear an apology from you as well.

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    1. I was really surprised at myself too. I’ve been trying so hard to be obedient and not earn discipline spankings. This one was a doozy that’s for sure….I can still feel it when I sit down, and rightly so. I deserved every smack with that paddle that he gave me. I was sure to apologize as well.


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