Spanking Fiction- Crystal’s Story Continues

If you find reading about a young, adult women getting spankings offensive, please leave this page.

To the rest of you, happy reading!  Trying my hand at writing spanking fiction…

~ Nora


When Daddy entered the living room, he was greeted by the sight of three naughty young ladies, each in their respective corner.  In his right hand he held the dreaded oak paddle, which he would soon use to ensure that none of these young ladies sat comfortably for the next few days.  He took an armless chair from the dining room table and placed it in the center of the room.

He sat down on the chair and called the girls to him.  He was pleased to see them rush to attention as they had all learned the consequences for keeping him waiting long ago.

“Get those panties down to your knees and sit down,” he ordered, gesturing to the couch he was facing.

His three daughters quickly obeyed and soon, there were three bare bottoms sitting on the couch.  They each looked very anxious.  Daddy typically spanked them in private so being made to take down their panties in front of each other was something of a new experience.

“Hands on your head,” Daddy said sternly.  They obeyed immediately.

He let them sit there in silence for a minute, anticipating the spanking that they knew was coming.

“I hope that you all are still tasting the soap…did that teach you a lesson about swearing?” Daddy asked, knowing it had.

He heard “Yes Sir’s” and a “Yes Daddy”.

“Well, now you are going to learn just what Daddy thinks about you girls fighting with one another and saying means things to each other.  You should be ashamed of yourselves, young ladies.  You are sisters and that is a very important and special bond that you shouldn’t take for granted.  You are very lucky to have one another, “ Daddy lectured them sternly, while lightly tapping the paddle against his leg.

“You have really disappointed your mother and I tonight.  Fighting and swearing will not be tolerated in this house, do you understand me?” He asked.

Again…”Yes Sir”.

“I know that I usually discipline you in private but I think this time it will do you some good to sit there and see each of your sisters paddled until they cry, knowing that you are going to be getting the same treatment shortly.  I really hope you girls learn a lesson from this,” Daddy said, looking each of them in the eye.

“Crystal, you are first.  Come here, young lady,” Daddy said, gesturing at her with his paddle.

Crystal got up quickly and hobbled over to Daddy’s right side, her panties slipping down to her calves.  In no time, Daddy pulled her over his knee and raised her nightie.  She blushed hotly knowing what she must look like both to Daddy and to her sisters.  To Daddy, she looked like a naughty little girl in need of a good, hard spanking on her bare behind to correct her misbehavior.  To her sisters, well, they were more worried about their own turns over Daddy’s knee.

“Young lady,” Daddy began, resting the paddle against Crystal’s upturned behind. “Why are you over Daddy’s knee about to get a spanking?”

With a single tear running down her cheek, Crystal responded, “Because I was swearing and fighting with Jessica and Megan.  I’m really sorry, Daddy.”

As Daddy raised the paddle, he responded, “You are about to be a lot sorrier I’m afraid.”  With that, Crystal’s spanking commenced.  The paddle was raised and brought down sharply, repeatedly, filling the room with sharp cracks and loud wails.  Crystal did her best to maintain her position, face down and bottom up, but she couldn’t help but kick her legs which landed her panties around her ankles.  As Daddy warmed her bottom for her, teaching her a good lesson about swearing and fighting, all she could do in response was beg Daddy to stop spanking her and promising over and over again that she had learned her lesson.  But Daddy ignored her pleas.  These were the pleas of a young lady in the middle of a good, hard spanking and he wasn’t going to be deterred from his duty as a father.  He spanked on and on until there were two cherry red cheeks over his knee that belonged to a very contrite, sobbing girl.

During Crystal’s spanking, it barely registered in her mind that the phone was ringing in the kitchen.  Little did she know that it was Sam calling for her.  Mother took the phone call and though she tried to keep the call brief, Sam could hear the unmistakable sounds of a young lady getting a spanking coming through the line.  When Mother told Sam that Crystal was unavailable at the moment and that she was having a discussion with her Daddy, Sam felt certain that the cries he was hearing were coming from his fiancé.  He wondered what in the world she had gotten herself into this time, though he had no doubt that her Daddy’s discipline was warranted.  He was of the old school belief, much like his own father, that young ladies needed regular spankings to help them behave and maintain a sweet, submissive attitude.

Back in the living room, Daddy finished up Crystal’s spanking with twelve incredibly painful licks with his paddle.  She sobbed over his knee as he examined her bottom for bruising.  She was a little bruised but he knew that sitting on this painful bottom would teach her a lesson.  He gave her bottom a few mild swats and said, “Up you go, young lady,” helping Crystal to rise from where she was.  “You just leave those panties where they are and go sit back down on the couch.  Hands on your head.”

“Yes Daddy,” Crystal sobbed, sitting her well-spanked behind on the scratchy fabric of the couch.  Though she was twenty years old, she appeared much younger in this moment…just a little girl with a soundly spanked bottom, panties tangled around her ankles, and cheeks and lashes wet with tears.

“Jessica, you are next.  Come here young lady,” Daddy ordered.

And soon, he had another one of his daughters over his knees, bottom bare and raised for punishment.  He lectured her briefly but he let his paddle do most of the talking.  Jessica’s response was tearful pleas, wails, and promises to be a good girl.  At eighteen years old, she still had never gotten used to the humiliation of being put across her father’s knee to learn a lesson that Daddy believed was best learned face down, panties down, and bottom up.  When Daddy had paddled her bottom crimson, he sent her back, sobbing, to the couch.  Like Crystal, her bottom was on fire and her attitude contrite.

Now it was Megan’s turn and she was spanked just as long and just as hard with the paddle as her two sisters, who were currently sitting on the couch with their panties down and hands on their heads.  Soon, she was crying and kicking over Daddy’s knee.  After being reminded once already to hold still for her spanking, she soon earned herself a good hand spanking on the backs of her thighs when she began kicking too hard again.  After disciplining her thighs for being naughty during her spanking, Daddy resumed paddling her little bottom cheeks until he was sure she wouldn’t sit down comfortably for some time.  She was then sent back to the couch for Daddy’s post-spanking lecture.

However, Daddy wasn’t quite done dishing out discipline.  After he lectured them again on swearing and fighting in his house, he told all of them to get on up to Megan and Jessica’s room.  One by one, three red bottomed girls trudged up the stairs, hands still on their heads.

When they were all inside the room, Daddy closed the doors.  They waited anxiously, fearful of what was to come.

“Crystal,” Daddy began, pointing at the wall. “Did you put this hole there?”

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry Daddy, it was an accident,” she sobbed, knowing that this was not going to go well for her.

“Sorry is not good enough young lady.  You were extremely careless and you caused damage to this wall.  And now you will pay the piper for your misbehavior,” Daddy took her by the arm and faced her against the wall.  “Put your hands on either side of that hole young lady.  You can stare at that and think about why you are getting a whipping with Daddy’s belt.”

At this announcement, Crystal began to sob again, but she tearfully obeyed.  Daddy had her push her bottom out and keep her feet should width apart, her panties stretched tightly at her ankles.  When she was in the position he demanded he took his belt off and stood behind her.

“You will hold still during your spanking, Crystal…do not move out of that position,” he told her sternly, raising his belt.  “I hope you learn a lesson from this, young lady.”

With that said, Daddy began to spank Crystal with his belt.  As the stiff leather of Daddy’s wide belt cracked down upon her bottom over and over again, she began a slow, steady wail that Mommy could hear downstairs.  Megan and Jessica sobbed for their sister during her spanking.  Neither had ever suffered a whipping with Daddy’s belt and nor did they want to.

Finally, the spanking was over.  Daddy had covered every inch of his daughter’s naughty behind with his belt and he let her sob it out for a minute while he returned his belt to its proper location.  He had three daughters who had stepped out of line and now they had all been properly dealt with.  Punishment had been delivered swiftly.  He had no doubt that there would be three very well-behaved little girls in his house over the next few weeks…it always went that way after spankings were doled out.

“Pull up your panties, all of you,” he ordered.

After they had obeyed, he hugged each of them, explaining how he disliked having to discipline them but that they were well aware of the consequences for breaking Daddy’s rules.  He explained to them, as he had for years, that any little girl who disobeyed Daddy should expect to get a spanking each and every time.

“You will stay in your rooms tonight and think about your behavior.  I don’t want to see any of you until morning,” Daddy finally said.  He led Crystal back to her room and shut both bedroom doors.  Soon, there were three very contrite young ladies, lying face down on their beds, attempting to rub some of the sting out of their well-spanked bottoms.  They would all be sleeping on their tummies tonight.

6 thoughts on “Spanking Fiction- Crystal’s Story Continues

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  1. I liked this. They sure needed a lesson to be learned. Now I know why their mom is so well behaved. But I have a feeling that she will be under the paddle as well.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I look at it this way. The mother is to be an example to the kids. If she is not then and she misbehaves, then she should be spanked too. I look forward to her spanking and how you will write that.

        I also have a new rules Bret lays down I hope to publish tomorrow. Then I will write another post about Melissa’s first spanking by Jake. Tell me what you though about the one I wrote on them today.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I really enjoyed it! I like that he doesn’t let her get away with disrespecting her father that way. I also liked how she came over to visit her sister and commiserate with her.


  2. Darlene is everything that a sister should be. I want this family to be close. But I also want this family to be realistic. That there are differences between kids and parents and sometimes they don’t always get a long, though there is love there. And that fact that some kids are more like one parent than another.,

    Liked by 1 person

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