Asking for a spanking…

Today, I asked Daddy for a spanking…and wow, did I ever get one!  To preface my request, let me explain.  It’s been a difficult week…incredibly sad, challenging, lonely, (insert other depressing adjectives here).  Daddy has been sick and that’s always hard for both of us too.  As the weekend approached, I began dropping hints to Daddy that I would like to drive over to the coast and stay in the city for an evening.  I just felt like I needed to get away.  Daddy didn’t say no but he kept reminding me that we had a family function Saturday night.  I knew that but was still hoping to get out of town anyway.

I did some research on hotel availability this morning.  I shared with Daddy what I had found but this time he firmly told me “no” and that we would be going to the family function.  Inside, I started to have a major melt down.  I was angry, disappointed, sad, hurt…and blaming it all on Daddy.  But, my newly found submissive self began to kick in.  I knew it wasn’t okay to feel like this towards the man that cares for me, loves me, takes care of me.  I knew he had our best interests at heart and I began to trust his decision.  However, I just couldn’t quite let go of the resentment I was feeling inside…I was pouting and I knew I needed a spanking.

So…I asked for one.  I explained to Daddy how I was feeling and how I was having trouble letting it go.  Daddy agreed that I needed to be spanked and decided we would use our spanking dice (I’ve written about these dice previously…there are three dice total…one for implement, one for position of spankee, and one with number of swats…up to 30!!!) and that we would play for as long as he deemed necessary.  I rolled first and dang, if I didn’t roll the wooden paddle (my least favorite implement), over the chair, 8 swats.  I was already regretting my decision by the end of this little session.  Next, Daddy rolled leather paddle, bent over, 27 swats.  The next set was the cane, holding ankles, 12 swats.  After that was the tawse, in the diaper position, 11 swats.  I’m not sure how many times we rolled, but each time Daddy spanked me firmly with the implement.  There were definitely tears by the time he announced we were finished.  As you can imagine, I am writing this blog of a very hot, well-spanked bottom.

But, my discipline session did not end there to my dismay.  Daddy marched me into the kitchen and told me to prepare a ginger plug.  Let me just say, I hate the ginger!  It awes me that way back when, someone came up with the idea for this awful (and effective) punishment…but, I digress.  Obeying Daddy, I got the fresh ginger out of the fridge, and a knife and cutting board and carefully prepared my own ginger plug.  When I was done I asked for his approval and Daddy was pleased with the size and shape.  He took the plug and led me to the corner.  It was incredibly humiliating to have Daddy insert the plug right there in our entry way hallway, while I was bent over wearing only my tee-shirt.  He told me to stay in the corner until he said otherwise.  The first few minutes weren’t that bad.  I was mostly concentrating on how much my bottom was hurting.  For any of you who have experienced a ginger plug, you know the worst was yet to come.  I would guess that it was about 4-5 minutes of corner time in that the ginger began to sting…and then burn.  I was soon crying, wanting to pull that dang thing out…but I didn’t.  I imagine that Daddy felt very satisfied as he watched his well-spanked little girl squirm in the corner as the ginger punished her naughty bottom.  Thankfully, he finally released me and allowed me to take it out.  Did I mention, I hate the ginger!?!

I sit here now, writing about this spanking on a freshly spanked behind.  Daddy examined my bottom after corner time and I still have two cherry red cheeks as well as some small bruises.  But, he thought it would be good for me emotionally to write about my discipline, and as usual, he was right.  I am feeling much better about Daddy’s decision not to go out of town tonight (and being told “no” which is never easy) and I am now looking forward to seeing our family.  I don’t think I will be sitting much tonight, but, I know I will be Daddy’s good little girl for the rest of the evening.


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  1. Have a fun time tonight with the family. Just as an aside, I remember reading years ago about a Russian study into spanking and how it improved depressive feelings. I’m glad you had the courage to ask for a spanking, even if you needed a ginger kick in the ass. It wasn’t punishment for having feelings, it was discipline for letting it go on too long.

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  2. I haven’t experienced a ginger plug! I’m not going to mention it to my Queen! But I have experienced Icy Hot on my nether regions so I think I can guess what it feels like. Ouch!! The spanking sounds effective but the plug–the plug is something to try to avoid at all costs! At least that’s my belief. I would be so well behaved!!

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    1. I don’t know much about the Icy Hot…I’ve never used it for the intended application, let alone “down there”…I’m gathering it’s safe or you wouldn’t be using it. It sounds super painful and something to be avoided! The thing that sucks about having ginger in the house is I know it’s there in the fridge…I see it in there…very effective reminder, and yes, to be avoided at all costs! The sting is unbearable, at least for me, and reduces me to tears and begging.

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  3. Yesterday was maintenance day for me. I asked my Husband if he was planning to spank me, because sometimes he gives me the option of skipping maintenance if I have been good. He said he did want to spank me even though I have been good. If he had spanked me right then it would have been easier I think, but he waited a couple of hours until after we had played hard and I was breathless and tired. By then I really, really did not want the spanking but I submitted and did not complain. I have asked for one before when I felt I needed it and he is always willing to comply. We have never tried the ginger technique and probably won’t do any food related punishments due to severe allergies. Hope your family event goes well.

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    1. Thank you for sharing, Obedient Wife! It sounds like you were an obedient wife yesterday…taking your maintenance spanking without complaint. Today is my maintenance spanking…a little nervous as I am quite sore from yesterday, but I know it is an important part of our commitment to this lifestyle.


  4. This might just be the masochist in me but I find ginger to be a huge turn on …. quite the aphrodisiac really!

    In any case, I’m so happy to hear that you two have such a relationship that you feel comfortable speaking up and asking for what you need and He in turn can provide!

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  5. I have never asked to be spanked. Being together for so long, my Dominant just seems to know when I need one. Aside from discipline, which only she determines and our scheduled maintenance spankings, I sometimes am subject to a stress relief spanking which again, she seems to know when it is needed. It seems to me like in your case, you were building up you own stress level. Thankfully, you expressed you need and he delivered the spanking. Again, I would not call this one discipline, but you asked for and received a sound spanking. I have not experienced ginger root, but know several who have and no one thinks it is pleasant, aside from nijntje. Hope you scheduled maintenance goes well.

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    1. Hi spanked cowboy! My bottom was very tender for my scheduled maintenance spanking indeed. I am glad to hear that your lady is so in tune with your stress levels like that…hoping as we continue on this journey Daddy reads my moods like that😊


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