Lately, Daddy has been super strict.  I don’t want to say that he isn’t always strict or consistent—because he’s actually pretty darn consistent—but he has been watching me very carefully, pointing out any and all naughty behavior, and disciplining me at the first opportunity.  Let’s just say that this little girl has been sitting down carefully all week.

An example of his strictness today… I am a little busy this morning getting our home ready as I am entertaining a girlfriend this evening.  I don’t know why we women always get worked up when company is coming but you can imagine me rushing around the house, cleaning, etc.  I am waiting for a text from Daddy to let me know if he needs me to run an errand that will take about an hour and a half out of my day.  Still no word.  I check in with him, he is unsure yet if I will be needed.  Finally, frustrated and all worked up in a female frenzy, I send him the following text:

“I need to know if I am going to (name of place) or not….my friend is coming at 5pm”

Right after I hit the send button, I think to myself that my message may sound a little harsher and more demanding than I intended.  About a minute later, I receive this text from Daddy:

“Who am I?”

Now, Daddy and I recently incorporated this question into our dynamic.  He asks me “Who am I?” if I am getting a little sassy, and I am to reply, “You are my Husband and my Daddy”.  My reply is to invoke submission within myself, reminding me who is in charge of our relationship.

Before I continue, I want to give credit where credit is due.  Thank you Mark for incorporating this idea into your spanking fiction series Respect, Honor, and Obey.  This is a fun Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) series, written from the point of view of a young bride as she navigates her new marriage with her spanking husband.

Back to my conversation with Daddy.

So…when I saw Daddy’s question, “Who am I?”, I knew I was treading on thin ice.

I quickly responded, “You are my Husband and my Daddy”.

Followed up quickly with “I’m sorry”

And another follow up text, “I didn’t mean to sound so disrespectful”.

This was Daddy’s response back:

“I will deal with you when your friend leaves”.

So…that is my strict Daddy in a nut shell.  No doubt that he will “deal with me” when my friend leaves, which probably means a good hard spanking on my bare bottom.  I must learn to be more careful with my tone!

Love you Daddy.  Thank you for loving me so much.

~ nora

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  1. I love when my wife is strict. Something about it makes me feel loved and wanted. Though I don’t always enjoy the results at the time I receive them, I am always grateful after I’ve had some time to think about things.

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    1. collaredmichael…exactly! I feel so loved when I know he is really paying attention…and helping me to become a better wife for him.

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  2. Who knew texting had a ‘tone’? Curses, foiled again.

    If you’re not more careful, your girlfriend may get and up close and personal lesson in how Daddy deals with his snarky little girl.

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        1. What’s fun about this little thread is I actually shared with this particular friend about my husband and I’s new lifestyle. Her response amazed me! After asking some questions she said, “I’m jealous!”. She is unfortunately in the middle of a separation but she said that this is the type of relationship she would have wanted with her ex, but that she wasn’t sure she could trust him completely enough to have been able to. It was eye opening! I’ve told two of my close friends now (both women), and both were totally receptive to the idea.


    1. Hi Mark! I typically don’t cry easily (unless he has really lectured me good), but I do cry during my spankings. I’m not sure I howl…but I’d have to check with Daddy on that one…I certainly cry out pretty loudly!


    1. Thank you SumitOfficial! I don’t recall seeing you comment on my blog before…on my way to check out your page! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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