Spanking Fiction- The Crystal Saga Continues

If you find reading about young, adult women getting spankings offensive, please leave this page.

To the rest of you, happy reading!  Trying my hand at writing spanking fiction…

~ Nora

There was much excitement in the weeks preceding Sam and Crystal’s wedding.  Details had to be ironed out, important choices had to be made, and Crystal needed to finish out her college semester successfully.  While she was ecstatic to be marrying the man of her dreams, Crystal was feeling the stress of wedding planning and semester finals like a yoke around her neck.  On one day in particular, while she was out wedding dress shopping with her mother, the stress was so overwhelming that she was acting like your classic “bridezilla” and her mother had had just about enough.

“Crystal, that is enough!” her mother scolded her, after Crystal had rudely snapped at the sweet sales girl who was just trying to be helpful.
“But, Mother, I told her I wanted…” Crystal was standing there, stamping her feet in frustration, but her mother was having none of it.  She interrupted Crystal by taking her by the ear and leading her into the privacy of the dressing room so she could give her a good dressing down.

“Young lady, I don’t know what has gotten into you but you are acting like a spoiled brat and I am sick of it.  We are out shopping for your wedding dress and you are being incredibly rude to both that sweet sales girl and myself.  That is not how we raised you to behave.  Now you either straighten yourself out this minute or we are going to go straight home and I am going to ask Daddy to put you over his knee and teach you a good lesson in manners.  Do you understand me?” Mother asked furiously.

“Yes, Mama,” Crystal replied contritely, realizing that she had better straighten herself out immediately or there would be real (and painful) consequences for her. “I’m sorry.  There’s just so much to be done.  I’m sorry I’m taking my stress out on you.  I really am grateful to you for everything,” she sobbed.

“There, there,” Crystal’s mother said, holding her now contrite daughter tightly. “Don’t you worry, we can do this.  Your wedding is going to be beautiful.  Now let’s find you the perfect wedding dress.”

When the two exited the dressing room, Crystal blushed hotly when she saw the young sales girl standing there, eyes wide.  Crystal was mortified that this young woman, probably the same age as herself, had just overheard her mother’s threat of an implied spanking due to her poor behavior.  She was unable to look the girl in the eyes, even though the sales girl felt great sympathy to Crystal’s plight and tried to be as helpful as possible.  But soon, both Crystal and her mother were relieved and ecstatic when just the right dress was presented.  Crystal would be such a beautiful bride in this dress as she walked down the aisle to her future husband.

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly, but that evening was another matter.  Crystal was in her room that evening, trying to study, her stress mounting by the minute.  It didn’t help that her 18 year-old sisters were playing some game in their room next door to hers that was very loud.  Crystal was growing madder and madder by the second.  Couldn’t they see that she was trying to do well in her classes?  After a particularly loud stream of laughter, Crystal stormed next door and flung open the door to her sisters’ room.

“Can’t you two just shut up???” She yelled.  “I’m trying to do my homework and you two are in here laughing your asses off and bugging the hell out of me!!!”

Down below, Crystal’s Mommy and Daddy heard the commotion, and the swear words coming out of Crystal’s mouth.  Mommy just shook her head as Daddy rose out of his chair and headed upstairs.  She’d had a feeling Crystal was going to get herself in deep water today.  What she didn’t expect to hear was Crystal’s sisters, Megan and Jessica, swearing right back at her.

“Get out of our room, Crystal!” Jessica yelled.  “You’ve been such a bitch lately; I can’t even stand you”.

“Yeah, Crystal!  We are sick and tired of you taking out your shit on us!” joined Megan.  “Just get out!”

As Daddy stomped up the stairs, he could not believe his ears.  Where had his daughters learned such language and how dare they speak like that in his house.  He knew three little girls that would be sleeping on their tummies tonight.

In the midst of their argument, the three girls didn’t see Daddy coming.  Crystal let out a loud cry as Daddy caught her by surprise with a firm slap to her bottom.  Holding Crystal’s upper arm tightly, he walked further into the room.

“That is just about enough, young ladies!  I cannot believe the language coming out of your filthy mouths!  Your mother and I do not permit you to talk like that and you are well aware of that,” he roared.

“But Daddy,” Jessica tried to interrupt.

“You shut that little mouth of yours, young lady.  I cannot believe how mean you three are being to each other.  Your behavior is completely unacceptable,” he said angrily, looking at each of them sternly.

Three anxious daughters stared nervously back at Daddy, silent.  Daddy was right.  They were being awfully mean to one another.  Their fight had quickly escalated out of control.

“Now,” Daddy began, releasing his grip on Crystal.  “I will not tolerate foul language and fighting in my household so I am sorry to tell you, but you are each getting a spanking this evening.”

“Oh no Daddy, please not a spanking,” Crystal wailed.

“Quiet young lady,” he admonished.  “But first,” he said, pointing his finger sternly.  “I know three young ladies who have an appointment with the soap.  You are to change into your pajamas and be in the kitchen in five minutes.  I suggest you not keep me waiting.”

“Yes, Daddy,” cried three very contrite little girls.

It was just then, as Daddy turned to leave the room, that he saw the small hole in the wall.  Apparently, when Crystal had flung the door open so hard, the knob had damaged the wall behind it.

“What is this!?!?” Daddy roared, turning back and glaring at them.

The room was silent.

“Who did this?” Daddy demanded.

“I guess I did, Daddy,” Crystal began. “But it was an accident, I’m sorry!”

“Oh, you don’t even know the meaning of the word sorry yet, little girl,” Daddy answered, sending chills down Crystal’s spine.  “You are going to be very, very sorry when I teach you a lesson about being careless and destroying my property.  Oh yes, you are going to be one sorry little girl by the time I am through with you”

“Daddy, please,” Crystal begged, but Daddy interrupted her, pointing to her room.  “Pajamas, now.”

As Daddy stomped back down the stairs, the three stood, unmoving.  How could things have gone so wrong?  Crystal was the first to move, running from the room.  She was angry and scared.  She wanted to blame her sisters but she knew that she had gotten herself in this predicament.  Why had she behaved so badly?  Now she was facing a serious spanking as well as a mouth-rinsing.  How could this happen?  She was nearly twenty-one years old and Daddy was going to spank her!  This was a terrible day!

In the kitchen, Daddy filled Mommy in on the girls’ transgressions, though Mommy had heard most of it from the bottom of the stairs.  She felt sad that her girls had behaved so poorly but she knew that each of them needed a good, sound spanking to set them on the right track.  While it broke her heart to hear any of her girls getting a spanking and crying their eyes out, she knew it was necessary in raising sweet, well-behaved daughters.  She tried to be helpful by retrieving a fresh bar of Ivory soap for Daddy to use.

Five minutes later, three girls, clad only in their night gowns and panties, stood before their Mommy and Daddy.  Daddy lectured them on using foul language and speaking so meanly to one another, and two already had tears running down their cheeks before he announced that it was time for their punishment.

“Okay young ladies,” Daddy began. “I sure hope you learn a lesson from this.”

One by one, Daddy took each of the girls to the sink.  The girl was made to hold her nightgown up high, displaying her panties, and to stand still on the small stool while Daddy washed her mouth out with the bar of soap.  Daddy soaped them harshly, rubbing the soap all over their tongues and teeth, ensuring that each of his naughty girls would taste nothing but soap for the rest of the evening, reminding them not to ever speak that way again.  The lesson was hard and humiliating and each of them cried while Daddy lectured and soaped their mouths.  When it was finally over, Daddy let each of them spit and rinse one time, which really didn’t help alleviate the horrible taste in their mouths.  He then sent them to the living room and instructed each to stand in a corner with their panties displayed.

While his daughters did their pre-spanking corner time, reflecting on the spanking to come, Daddy retrieved his solid oak paddle.  None of his girls were a stranger to this paddle as Daddy had warmed each of their fannies with it on many occasions.  But tonight, Daddy intended to teach them each a good lesson.  He wanted to make sure that this was a spanking, and a lesson, that would never be forgotten.

8 thoughts on “Spanking Fiction- The Crystal Saga Continues

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  1. WOW! My ex wife sure needed a bare bottom spanking while preparing our wedding. She was a brat at times. So i can see how Crystal needed one. But the language! O my good Lord. Glad they will be blistered well.

    That brings up a question. Are you allowed to use language or are you spanked for foul words?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I pretty much never swear…my mom taught us that wasn’t lady like. My husband has never spanked me for swearing because he’s never needed to. Now, if I swore at him…called him an a@#hole or something…I’m pretty sure he’d give me a whipping and wash my mouth out with soap. But, I would never say that to him, regardless of if he would spank me for it. So…did you ever spank your ex-wife? Sounds like she needed it!


  2. Great story. You write well. Your story is realistic. My parents have never believed in soaping a mouth and there has never been a paddle hanging in our home. There has however been a leather discipline strap on my bedroom wall and my baby sister’s bedroom wall since we each turned 13. Before 13 it was just hand spankings. Daddy has not had to use it frequently and he has never used it unfairly but when we have deserved it Daddy has not hesitated to use it and use it thoroughly.

    I am 22 and living on my own but I still wouldn’t give my Daddy cause to use that strap because I know that until I am married he won’t hesitate to use it on me. My parents have never been overly strict they have reasonable rules and expectations and they are firm with my sister and I.

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