Lunchtime Quickie

My Daddy and I were able to meet at our house around lunchtime today.  It is the week of finals at the University where I teach and I have been feeling the stress.  Daddy knows just what to do in this situation and I received a very quick yet effective, bare bottom spanking on his lunch break.

Daddy began by ordering me to our bedroom.  Walking down the hall, I could hear his heavy footsteps behind me on the hardwood and I truly felt like a naughty little girl being sent to her room for discipline.  I had to fight the urge not to cover my bottom with my hands, in case he decided to give me some early, no-warning smacks.  When we arrived, he ordered me to kneel on the bench at the foot of our bed.  He then proceeded to pull my shirt high up on my back and yank my pants and panties down to my knees which again, made me feel like a very naughty little girl.  Typically, he has me remove my own clothing to demonstrate my obedience to him, but we both knew that this wasn’t about obedience today.  Daddy knew that I needed to be taken in hand and allowed to release my stress through his control over me.

Daddy then began to spank my bottom hard and fast, while I had my palms flat on the bed.  He only spanked with his bare hand but I sure had forgotten what a hard hand spanking could feel like as he typically uses a paddle.  Even now, an hour later, my bottom is sore and throbbing.  But, I am feeling a lot better, like a weight as been lifted.

As I sit here, calculating the final grades of my students on a hot, sore behind, I feel eternally grateful to my Daddy for his patience, his understanding, and his follow through.  I am a lucky girl.

Thank you Daddy.



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        1. Wow! That was an awesome chapter! I wondered if you might write about the diaper punishment as that is something you have asked me about before. And…what a brat buying candy when she wasn’t supposed to! Good job, Mark 🙂


          1. Without meaning to, I have made Melissa out as the overly rebellious one. Though she is 25 for now, she is still not as mature as Darlene, or Dar, as Melissa calls her. She likes to push the limits and doesn’t always get away with it. I might explain why she is like this at some point, or just leave it hanging as to cause more interest.

            I am creating a story that has people being what I think every family should have. The man is the HEAD and the women is the sub. I am trying to make it where God’s design for marriage is strongly implied and lived out with in the characters as a way to educate people who read this. Not trying to shove it down peoples throats, but just trying to share what I am passionate about. But I also want there to be some twists here and there.

            Though it is about Bret and Darlene, I don’t want to make it about just them. I want both their families to all be a big part and not just bit players, if that makes sense. That is why I made both the Taylor and the Fullers also in CDD. I want people to care about all of them, even little Johnny and even Jake.

            I never really have the scenes set up before hand and what I am going to write until I go to write it. So I am going on the fly. I am coming up with things at the last second, even as I write. But sometimes I might have an idea before hand, but don’t know what I will write until I write it. These people are becoming real people to me, which I believe every write’s characters should be to the writer so the story becomes passionate and really gripping to the reader.

            Is that what you think when it comes to Crystal?


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            1. Thank you for sharing about your process, Mark! No, for me, Crystal is just a fictional character. I enjoy writing but want to branch out with some other scenarios as well, so the Crystal saga will probably be wrapping up soon and I will try my hand at creating different characters and different scenarios. I am finding that I really enjoy writing about sex as well, so I may start a story which features spanking and more of that.


        1. LOL…it just might! Especially as I posted before I worked out, which was one of Daddy’s requests for my day today…I better get to the treadmill!

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      1. Let me guess. Talking back means A spanking and soap in the mouth. Disobedience is a spanking. And what do you get for dishes in the sink?

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        1. LOL…I wish my Daddy were so predictable! My punishments do typically involve a spanking, but he usually uses humiliation as well…keeping me nude, anal, play, corner time…and, he bought fresh ginger at the store the other day so I am worried I may be figged this week. I’ve never been punished for not doing the dishes because I make sure to always have them done. But if I had to guess, if he came home to a sink full of dishes, I’d be doing dishes that night with a well-spanked bottom.


  1. I don’t know what it is, Nora but we seem to be in some type of sync. I too, needed and got a stress relief spanking on Friday. The day was not going well and occurrences forced us to change plans completely. I was getting upset and short tempered. She understood this and knew exactly what to do. We were ready to leave and she called me into the bedroom. “Bare your ass and present it to me” was the command. As I live with her and kept totally nude whenever in the house, this was a command I seldom hear. I was dressed at the time, so I unbuckled my belt and slid my jeans to the floor. My underwear is different and we call them ‘spankers’. Basically, they are a thong with no center strap. The pouch holds my package and my ass is always totally bare. The concept is exactly what was happening. Impromptu spankings, anywhere, are easy while wearing spankers. So just dropping pants presents a bare ass for spanking. Back to the story. When the jeans hit the floor, I leaned over the bed presenting my ass as directed. My stress relief spanking was handled with the hairbrush and about 20 strokes. Jeans covered my red sore but for the long drive, but I did feel better about the day. Stress relief spankings really work.

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    1. We do seem to be in sync! That’s so funny… I have a pair of panties that have cut outs on the cheeks. One time, my husband told me to go put on my “spanking panties” and he made me stand in the corner wearing only those. I’ll have to call them “spankers” and see what he thinks 🙂


    1. LOL, yes…I have been the recipient of many spankings lately. To be honest, it helps with the grief. I think that is why my husband has been so “attentive” as he gets that.


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