Spanking Fiction- Crystal’s Story Continues…

If you find reading about a young woman getting a spanking offensive, please leave this page.

To the rest of you, happy reading!  I thought I would try my hand at writing spanking fiction…

~ Nora


Being grounded for two weeks gave Crystal the time she needed to catch up on her studies.  She missed Sam dearly and her tummy filled with butterflies when she thought about the promise he had made her about a ring.  And a spanking.  But, she couldn’t’ wait to see him again.  Little did she know, that one afternoon while she was in class, Sam stopped by the house to talk to her Daddy.  Her Daddy was very pleased that Sam was gentleman enough to consult him about marrying his eldest daughter and he gave his blessing to Sam, reminding him, however; that Crystal was still grounded as a result of her poor marks that term.

“I completely understand, Sir,” Sam reassured him.  “And, to be honest with you, I will have high expectations for Crystal as well.  If she is to be my wife, I will do my best to keep her on the straight and narrow.”

“I like hearing that, Sam, I really do,” Crystal’s Daddy said, slapping Sam on the back. “Just remember, the quickest way to keep a little girl on the straight and narrow is to put her over your knee, don’t you forget that.  I remember having a talk like this with my future father-in-law before I married Crystal’s mother.  Of course, back then, spanking one’s wife was pretty common.  The good ol’ days…”

“Yes, Sir,” Sam said in agreement, thinking about the spanking he still needed to give Crystal for lying to him about her grades.  It really didn’t surprise him at all to hear his future father-in-law allude to spanking his wife.  He grinned as he wondered if Crystal’s mother was still turned over her husband’s knee from time to time.  He suspected that she was.

Finally the day came that Crystal was no longer grounded.  Daddy and Mommy hugged her and told her how proud they were that she had brought her grades back up.  Daddy gave her a stern warning about keeping her grades up and she promised she would.  And, Daddy gave her permission to go out with Sam on Friday night.

Friday night came and soon Sam was knocking on the front door to pick Crystal up for their special evening.  He shook Daddy’s hand and grinned as Crystal’s Daddy winked at him in conspiracy.  Daddy knew tonight was going to be one of the best nights of his little girl’s life and he was very pleased for her.  She would be marrying a fine man, one that Daddy would be proud to call son.

Crystal had spent much time getting ready for the evening.  Mommy had helped her curl her long blond hair, so that it fell in beautiful waves down to her trim waist.  She wore a strappy, flowery dress that ended just above her knees, and a light jean jacket.  Her blue eyes sparkled and she was practically glowing, a beautiful blush settling on her cheeks.  She sure hoped Sam was going to follow through with his promise to put a ring on her finger that evening.

She was a little surprised when Sam turned down an old dirt road, but didn’t question him.  She had figured that he would take her to a fancy restaurant.  He could sense her trepidation and put his hand on her bare knee, smiling at her.  “Don’t worry little one,” he said gently.  “I have a very special evening planned for us”.  He was rewarded with a huge smile from Crystal.  He explained to her that they were on a parcel of land that had been in his family for generations.  As they drove, he pointed out a site where he hoped to build a home one day…a home for he and his future wife and their children.  Crystal could not stop smiling.

Soon after, Sam parked his truck and helped Crystal out.  It was obvious that Sam had put a lot of planning into the evening as there were a million little candles set about and a table for two.  Sam handed her one long stemmed rose and told her to enjoy the view as he grilled up two steaks for them.  Sam’s mama had prepared a delicious salad for the occasion and Sam had brought a bottle of wine.  Crystal was still underage but he would allow her to have a few sips that evening.

He thought his future fiancé looked absolutely beautiful as she stood, gazing out over the lake, under the stars.  He took her hand and led her to the table where they enjoyed their meal and each other’s company.  When it was time for dessert, he presented her with a little plate that contained several chocolate covered strawberries and a white velvet ring box.  Getting down on one knee, he presented his already crying little girl with the diamond he had selected just for her.  Once the ring was on her finger, she threw her arms around Sam’s neck saying “yes, yes, yes, I’ll marry you Sam McGinty”.  Sam tilted her chin up to his and he kissed her soundly, wrapping his arms around her.  The two began to get quite passionate, when Sam firmly took Crystal by the shoulders and suggested they take a walk around the property.  As much as he wanted to take Crystal right there, he respected her and would wait until she was his wife.

The two strode around the property, holding hands, under the stars.  Sam explained more about the house he wanted to build them and listened to Crystal’s ideas about their home with great interest.  They were both very excited about their future plans and Sam told her that he would like to marry her soon and not have a long engagement.  Crystal agreed…she couldn’t wait to be Sam’s wife.

“There is one more thing we need to talk about, Crystal,” Sam told her, his voice changing just enough that Crystal knew immediately what he was referencing.  She gazed down at her feet, blushing hotly.

“Look at me young lady,” Sam said sternly, facing her.  “We have had an incredible evening and I will be eternally grateful that you have agreed to be my wife.  But, you were promised a ring and a spanking weren’t you?”

“Yes, Sam,” Crystal answered quietly.  “You said you were going to spank me to remind me not to lie to you.”

“That’s right, young lady.  I will not tolerate my wife lying to me so this is a lesson that I would prefer you learn sooner than later.  When we get back to the lake, I am going to put you over my knee and show you just what I think about you lying to me about your grades.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sam, I understand,” Crystal said quietly.  She had spent a lot of time reflecting on the fact that Sam had told her that he would discipline her with spankings when she misbehaved.  She hadn’t been honest with him about her grades last quarter, and therefore, she needed to be spanked, it was a simple as that.  She didn’t want to be spanked, but she knew that Sam was being fair.  He had warned her early on about consequences for misbehavior and she had accepted them.  And, she was grateful that he loved her enough to help her be better rather than breaking it off with her.

As he led her back to their site by the lake, Sam smiled to himself. He was pleased that Crystal hadn’t tried to argue her way out of her spanking.  She seemed resigned to the fact that he would spank her when she misbehaved.  Her Daddy had sure done a good job raising her.  She was sweet, submissive, and he just knew that she would be a great wife.  He had so many plans for her, both in and out of the bedroom.  He needed to marry this girl soon!

Once back at the site, Sam sat down on an old wooden bench that faced the lake.  He gave Crystal a short lecture about lying to him and she was in tears before he gently took her hand and guided her over his knee.  He told her that she would be allowed to keep up her panties for this spanking as they were not yet married, but that in the future, she should expect for her panties to come down when he needed to discipline her.

Crystal was incredibly nervous being over Sam’s knee.  She had never been spanked by anyone other than her Daddy, and perhaps a few times from her Mommy when she was very young.  Now, she was draped over Sam’s knee, face down, staring at the grass while she felt him raise the back of her dress.  She felt mortified to be in this position, to have Sam see her panties, knowing she was about to be spanked.

Sam felt himself grow hard as he looked down at his fiancé’s pantied bottom.  God she was beautiful.  He wanted to do so many things to do her.  But, that must wait.  This little girl had lied to him and for that, she would pay the price with a soundly spanked bottom.  He wanted to make sure that this first lesson stuck with her so that she would never be tempted to tell him anything but the truth in the future.  And with that thought in mind, he raised his hand and delivered the first stinging slap to the bottom perched over his knee.

As Sam repeatedly spanked her bottom, Crystal began to squirm and cry.  She tried to take her spanking like a good girl, but soon she was kicking her legs and crying real tears as the spanks rained down all over her behind.  She could feel Sam’s tight grasp on her waist as he held her firmly in place for her spanking.

He spanked her long and hard.  He lectured as he spanked her and repeatedly asked her if she would ever lie to him again.  Like all little girls getting a spanking, she sobbed and promised to be good and promised to never lie again, all while crying over his knee, her poor bottom burning in pain.  He warned her that if he ever had to spank her for lying again that he would wash her mouth out with soap and take a strap to her bare behind.

Finally, he rested his hand on her very hot and stinging bottom.  He could feel the heat radiating from her panties.  He just couldn’t help himself…he had a sobbing young woman lying over his knee with a very well-spanked bottom.  He had to see…he pulled her panties down.

Her perfectly spanked cheeks lay submissively over his knee, jiggling as she sobbed.  Her twin orbs were perfectly shaped, round, and crimson.  He knew he had never seen anything as beautiful as Crystal lying across his knee, crying in repentance, fully accepting of his authority over her.  He felt masculine and strong.  Regretfully, he replaced her panties and helped her up.  He sat her on his lap and held her.

When her tears subsided, he kissed her gently.  She eagerly responded, slipping her tongue into his mouth.  She felt a warm sensation between her legs which confused her.  Sam had just soundly spanked her and it had hurt and she had cried real tears.  But his dominance over her stirred something inside.  She desperately wanted him to take down her panties and lay her on the blanket, touching her.  Sam deepened their kiss and lightly ran his finger over her nipples making her gasp.  God he needed to marry this girl.

He gently broke off their kiss, squeezing her behind though her dress, eliciting a shriek from her.

“Common, little one,” he told her, leading her back to the truck.  “I wouldn’t want you to miss your curfew.”

18 thoughts on “Spanking Fiction- Crystal’s Story Continues…

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  1. This was good. I like how you hinted that her mama might get spanked as well. I hope you continue with that. I also like the fact that you make it realistic. Yes, when a man thinks about the woman he loves, or the woman thinks about the man she loves, especially when he is spanking her, she will feel wet or tingly or both between her legs. He will get hard. And if you have been raised to believe that it is wrong to engage in such thoughts and feelings before you are married, then yes, you will feel weird. I like how you make these part of the story. Though it is fiction, that part is true. Very well done Nora, very well done. And I must admit, this episode even turned me on. LOL

    I cannot wait to find out what happens with Sam and Crystal, and even her parents relationship. Are you going to talk more about Sam’s raising and the relationship his parents have. Sorry of I am getting too far ahead. It’s the writer in me.


    1. Thank you for the supportive comment, Mark! To be honest, I am not totally sure where the story will go yet. It unfolds a little bit in my mind every time I sit down to write. But, there is definitely a wedding night spanking in Crystal’s future! And her Daddy might need to spank her before the wedding for being a Bridezilla 🙂


      1. Oh, I expect her to be a bridezilla. But at the same time I also expected to be somewhat submissive and kind of easier going than your average bradzilla. The Story I wrote about Bret and Darlene’s wedding. She was a bridezilla a little bit but I toned her down.

        I think every woman should be spanked on the wedding night. But that’s just me. Though I do belong to a Facebook domestic discipline group that many believe the same thing. Even women think that women should be spanked on their wedding night.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I think that a good hard spanking on her wedding night will clearly show Crystal who will be the head of their household, though I think she is already learning that lesson. How I wish my husband and I had been living this lifestyle when we were married… I could have used a good spanking that night, if for nothing else than to release the stress of the day. But, my Daddy sure made up for that this morning…this little girl is writing her stories on a very well-spanked bottom. Thank you Daddy! I know you are reading this 🙂


          1. TWO THINGS.

            1. If you were top renew your vows and then go away for a honey moon, lets say, The Bahamas, would he spank you before you made love?

            2. What did you get spanked for this morning?

            Liked by 1 person

            1. 1) Yes…I am absolutely sure that my husband would give me a spanking before we made love after we renewed our vows…he loves this lifestyle and feels much happier in our new roles. So, spanking would definitely preface love making on the honeymoon. 2) I got my maintenance spanking this morning…I just posted about it in a blog titled “Spanking Dice”.
              When does the next chapter about Bret and Darlene come out?


              1. With in the next two or three days. It just depends. I can’t write a chapter everyday, so I will try to get one out every three or 4 days. I am thinking about a huge shocking surprise in one of the up coming chapters. I just won’t say when. Stay tuned.

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  2. Great story, Nora, this is best episode yet. My two cents is that the night before thew wedding, Crystal’s parents both spank her in front of Sam as a way of handing over the authority to him. Then—while Crystal in standing in the corner—since he’ll be the son-in-law, Crystal’s Daddy demonstrates how a wife should be properly spanked on a daily basis, and offers Sam some practice time as well with Crystal’s mother. Just to round things out and make sure the women behave the next day.

    P.S. Why not arrange to renew your wedding vows, Nora? That way you can get your wedding night spanking that you’re dreaming of. I’m sure you can find someone in the scene who would be happy to recite D/s vows and then say, “You may now spank the bride.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the comment, lurvspanking! I love your thoughts on the direction the story should go! Actually…my husband and I have been talking about renewing our vows…and he said we are definitely adding in “love, honor, and obey”…Mmmm…gives me shivers just thinking about it:-)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nora,I might not always place spanking in every chapter. But I will always tie submission, and the proper roles of CDD in them even though one of the women don’t always get a spanking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That makes sense. From what I have learned from you about CDD, and my own experience with domestic discipline, learning submission is not just about spankings.

      Liked by 1 person

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