Did you know you have a spam box? Please read.

Hello fellow bloggers,

It was pointed out to me that my comments are being automatically marked as spam and are therefore, not showing up on the beautiful posts you all are writing.  I haven’t figured out why and if any of you have suggestions, please let me know.

If you aren’t aware, there is a way to check comments from your blog that have been automatically marked as Spam.  If you have a newer theme for your blog page, you go to your “stats”, click “insights”, scroll down the page to “Comments By Author” in the bottom center of the page, and then click on your own name.  This will bring up a new page where you can see all the comments in different categories, including a Spam category.  When I checked my own Spam box, I did have a few messages from some of you that were not Spam and I was able to approve them and now they show up on my blog.

In any case, hope this is helpful!  Thank you to lurvspanking for pointing this out to me!

Take good care and happy writing!

~ nora


9 thoughts on “Did you know you have a spam box? Please read.

  1. You are most welcome, Nora. I started blogging on WordPress 10 and a half years ago after a year at Blogger, so I’ve had lots of experience with spam. Even fried, it still tastes nasty. 🙂

    My original personal blog from 2006-2012 collected 95,000 spam comments in those six years. Some days I would get 200 spam comments.

    If you ever have any questions about HTML, widgets links or anything else, I am always happy to help fellow bloggers. I love the spanking community on WordPress.

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  2. I have heard that is a problem with most sites. My Emails to people go to their spam, so they don’t get them until they search their junk folder. It is frustrating.

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  3. Thanks for this-found it for the first time. Most of the messages were straight spam but interestingly two of the comments in there were yours-though they had also appeared in my comments section.

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    1. So strange! I think I made so many comments the other day they must have thought I was a spammer…I was just commenting away on all the great blogs I was reading!

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