Needing Him

Needing Him

Sometimes life gets in the way.  There are emergencies.  People get sick. Jobs require one to travel out of town.  Whatever the reason, we can’t always be together like we want and need to be.  As a beginning submissive, a wife newly introduced to domestic discipline, I find that I long for my Daddy whenever we are apart now.  I think of him all the time, dream of him, dream of us together.  It seems at times that my body is actually humming with electricity, waiting for his touch, whether it be the soft touch of my lover or the firm hand of my Daddy on my naked, upturned backside.  He is all that can satisfy my hunger, my longing.  He owns me, I belong to him…my body, my heart, my mind.  And, I love being His and only His.

Till the next time we can enjoy alone time, Daddy.  I love you.

~ Your naughty nora

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      1. I am curious. When you were a child or a teen even, were you spanked by your parents or anyone? You write as if you have had other history of being spanked, other than your husband. I get that feeling. Maybe that is why you are a good writer. You explain things in your blog very well.

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        1. No, spankings weren’t a big thing in my house growing up. I only remember being spanked once when I was about eight or so, by my mom. My brother and I had disobeyed and gone down to the creek and got caught. It was a very mild spanking over jeans to make a point. Were there spankings in your family growing up?
          Thank you for the compliment about my writing!


          1. I had a lot of spankings. Some were not for legit reasons, but most were. Shoot, even though my mother needed many, she was the only one who wasn’t spanked. My parents didn’t do that. But I do believe that my dad did smack her on the butt one time way back early in their marriage, but that was about it.

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              1. They were hard and the pain pasted. Dad spanked harder. They used this pure leather belt that scared the hell out of you just watching them walk up to you with it in their hands. I do have sisters that were spanked. Though dad didn’t spank them as much as me.

                Do you two have kids who are spanked. And if they are old enough to understand, do they know you are spanked. I knew one lady where her kids knows she is spanked. They don’t see it, but they know daddy spanks mommy.

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                1. No, we don’t have any children. Wow, sounds like your spankings were painful! My husband only remembers getting a spanking one time from his dad (for climbing way too high up in a pine tree), but it was with a belt and he said it was really painful. I’d imagine as a child, spankings are much scarier. As an adult, my spankings are scary, but it was still my and my husband’s choice to enter into this type of relationship.

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            1. I’m pretty certain my parents didn’t practice domestic discipline, but once when we were all on vacation in our family motorhome we found a small whip in one of the drawers…I always thought it was probably more on the S&M side.


    1. What advice would you give a wife or soon to be wife, if they knew you were into CDD and wanted to know why you approve and why she should want this for her marriage.

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      1. Wow…that is a serious question. As my husband and I are not implementing domestic discipline into our marriage for religious reasons, I wouldn’t be able to address the CDD component. However, from strictly a domestic discipline point of view, I would share how much easier it is to have one person leading the marriage. I would share how freeing domestic discipline is from having the same old arguments day after day. I would also share how domestic discipline helps you to grow as a person, helps your partner grow, and helps the marriage grow as this type of relationship brings you closer. And lastly, I would add that domestic discipline relieves stress (on both sides), reignites sexual passion, and leaves both partners feeling more loved and more respected.

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        1. To all who read this comment-
          I also believe, coming from a Christian side of things, that he doesn’t need permission to be the head from her. God gave him that permission. And when it comes to the discipline side, I believe the same. Though there are to much Politically Correctness in this country and people will disagree, I do not feel needs her permission to be able to discipline her as well. As long as he isn’t doing it because he is being a dictatorial jerk or an abusive SOB, then she should know that is what should happen. No, women are NOT stepping stools or beating posts. They are not to be treated as scum. They are to be loved as Christ loves us, who he died for. And the man is to answer for it if he does become abusive. But I really have never believed that he needed her permission. I believe that they actually had some type of CDD/DD lifestyle between couples back in the times of Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sara, and so on. And it was with God’s permission. And you can and most likely will disagree with me, and I respect your opinion to disagree. But this is my view on the matter.

          Thank you

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        First of all, I personally believe that the wife should be the driving force behind wanting any type of D/s or DD marriage. Simply spanking or punishing a partner because the stronger one wants to, is in my view, abusive. It also doesn’t mean she is weak, unequal or deserving punishment simply because she is female.

        I feel the two most important aspects to consider are, trust and communication. Take the time to spell out the expectations of the marriage on both parts. If a wife is expected to submit and be spanked for mistakes whether deliberate or not, then the husband must be held accountable to be the leader. If each partner puts the other one first, and communicates constantly and honestly, then that will enable a D/s, DD marriage to flourish.

        Why does a husband even want to spank his wife? One word. Respect. If there is no respect in the marriage, if will fail. But….. you cannot beat respect into someone!!!!!! Not a spouse, not a child; all that creates is fear and anger. Love must be at the root of all spanking relationships.

        As to why a wife would want a D/s or DD marriage? Because she will be happier, healthier, more motivated, responsible, respected, adored and confident in herself.

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