My punishment/submission stool

For several weeks, Daddy had me look for a punishment stool when I was out shopping.  He wanted it to be made of wood, sturdy with a flat service, so that any naughty little girl who was sitting on it would certainly be made to feel the burning effects of her recent spanking.  About two weeks ago, I found something that I thought would please him and brought it home.  To date, I have only sat on my punishment stool, facing the wall, one time after a well-deserved spanking.  It was very uncomfortable to say the least!  The hard edges of the stool dig into a well-spanked backside, making it a very effective addition to a chastisement.

However, Daddy had other ideas for the new stool as well.  Last night, after a wonderfully long and relaxing bath, I joined my husband in the living room to find this (picture above) waiting for me.  Daddy gave me a big hug and explained that it wasn’t a punishment, but that he felt that sitting on the stool with the plug in my bottom would be a good exercise in submission for me.  He then told me to lower my pajama bottoms to my ankles.  After obeying him, he walked behind me, and I could hear him opening the bottle of lube and preparing the plug.  He then told me to bend over.  I bent at the waist, legs shoulder width apart, presenting my bare bottom (and everything else!) to him.  He gently, but firmly inserted the plug.  I don’t know about you other submissives, but no matter how many times he does this, I never get used to it!  It is so invading, humiliating…the perfect tool for a submission exercise, I suppose.  He then told me to sit down.  And so I sat on my submission stool, plug in my bottom, for thirty minutes while Daddy watched TV.  While sitting there I went through a range of emotions…from being near tears, to being angry at having to sit on the hard stool with a plug invading my bottom when I hadn’t even misbehaved, to the submissive attitude Daddy was looking for.  Unfortunately for me, when I went through my short anger phase, I mouthed off to Daddy and told him that I wanted to get up.  He, obviously, did not allow me to, gave me a stern warning, and added time to my visit on the stool.  After his warning, I was thankfully able to keep my mouth shut and eventually, I felt the glow of submission wash over me.  When it was over, Daddy told me to go wash the plug and return it to the stool, where it sat by the TV for the rest of the evening as a reminder.  I then removed all of my clothes and was able to join Daddy in watching our show together.  He didn’t say that I was going to get a spanking for my attitude during my time on the stool, but…I certainly won’t be surprised.

As you know, my Daddy doesn’t allow me to post pictures of myself or my spanked bottom on this site.  I was allowed to start this blog because I could do so anonymously, protecting our privacy, yet having a forum to discuss with others the topics of domestic discipline, submission, etc.  We both greatly enjoy reading the comments and blogs of others who are on similar journeys (thank you!).  However, Daddy did give me permission to share the actual picture of my new discipline/submission stool…and so, there it is.  My new stool…oh, my poor bottom….

Thank you for reading!  And thank you for the stool, Daddy 🙂

~ Nora

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  1. Nice stool and The added plug is a sobering reminder. The punishment stool a former Dominant used looked like a round stool, higher than yours. It also had inverted bottle caps fastened to the seat. Believe me a few minutes on that stool after a good spanking prolonged the discipline. Another friend of mine made one with the seat covered with plastic nubs, like the under side of auto floor mats.

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    1. Yikes! That does sound like a punishment stool! My husband wanted something that we could leave out, so that it would always be a reminder. I showed him a picture once of one with the seat covered in something akin to a brillo pad, but that’s not what he wanted. His will is my way 🙂

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  2. Nora, I hope that you have been well reminded to behave and never sass your daddy when he wants you to do something. In his way, he is doing something for you is maturing you and making you better. But I hope you don’t have to sit on it very often.

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    1. Thank you, Mark! I will be sitting my naughty bottom on it as often as he likes, and that is okay with me. If it pleases him it is good for both of us 🙂


      1. Obviously, you have known him a long time and trust him with your whole heart. That is a great thing. And I have this idea that he would NOT make you sit on that with that thing up inside your bottom for any other reason but to teach you and mature you.

        I do have one question though. Forgive me if this too personal and you have every right not to answer it. But what does it feel like as you sit there with it inside your bum (butt)?

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        1. This particular plug is fairly small and doesn’t really hurt. But, the invasion of it in my bottom feels humiliating. Sometimes, I cry having to do these types of things, just like I do during a spanking. I don’t know if it is that way for everyone, but that is how it makes me feel.


          1. But you know he is doing it for the right reasons, which are?

            And it doesn’t sound like he would ever do it to be abusive or mean or anything like that. But my question is, can you see yourself becoming better at Respect, Submissiveness, and obedience with this type of punishment?

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            1. Yes, absolutely! He does this for me, even if it is humiliating…it helps me learn to be submissive to him, which is the best thing for our marriage.

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  3. I feel like I should clarify that last comment…my Daddy enjoys putting things in my bottom to put me in the submissive mind set…but, everywhere else is reserved for that special part of him that claims me…

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  4. Hi Nora,
    As promised, I am now working my way through your blog – I find it absolutely fascinating, and your writing skills enhance the underlying story superbly. Thank you so much for sharing this deeply personal story.

    I am mindful that I am literally years behind your current story and I’m trying to refrain from commenting too often on things that are now somewhat dated (even if totally entrancing), being aware that this may be somewhat of a distraction for you. However, if I may respectfully ask a question with respect to this post, you described how you got angry before moving on to a submissive state of mind. I know that this was problem when my wife and I attempted a D/s relationship some years ago, she would would get really angry during her spankings and she found it difficult to move beyond this. Do you find that you often go through a stage of anger before reaching a submissive mindset during your spankings? If so, from your descriptions of your spankings, it sounds as though your husband is most able to work through that stage. Does it both you, does it bother him? Do you find that the anger always dissipates and turns into loving submission?

    Thanks again for a deeply absorbing story. All the very best to you both.

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    1. implacableone,
      I appreciate the question!
      But first, to address your concern about commenting too much…is there such a thing in the world of blogging? This is how we interact, how we get to know one another…please feel free to comment as often as you would like.
      About anger and spankings. What I have learned about myself is that I need to be put in the right mindset before a spanking. There will be rare times when I am already in that place, but for the most part, I need a sound lecture to get me there. That mindset includes understanding that what I did was in fact disrespectful or disobedient (sometimes hard to admit in the heat of the moment), and feeling genuinely contrite about the matter….prior to the spanking even beginning. My experience with anger during in a spanking is that it comes from either a place of self-disappointment, or this feeling of not getting one’s needs truly met. Regarding the latter, for those of us that crave discipline…we need the whole experience. My husband and I learned through trial and error, that for his discipline to be most effective, the lecture (and getting me to the appropriate mindset) was a key component.
      You mentioned that you are your wife attempted a D/s relationship at one point…have you completely gone away from it?
      Best regards,


      1. Thank you for your thoughful response Nora. As I indicated in my response to another post/reply, I am not currently in a D/s (or DD) relationship, though we did attempt this for a short while. I chose to discontinue taking an active dominant role (both spanking and sexually) as I felt that my wife’s consent, though freely given, was directed more towards giving me what I wanted in fear that I might want to ditch our marriage (though this was not a threat that I had made – in fact I’d done the opposite and emphatically committed to ensuring her place in my life) rather than something she genuinely wished to engage in – I think I was heading towards causing real psychological damage. There is a more detailed back story that I won’t go into here. The anger would arise during spankings that I gave her, these were spanknigs in a D/s context, i.e. arbirarily dictated by me, not the result of any disobedience on her part to agreed rules. After a relatively short period (a couple of weeks) I felt that it would be irresponsible to continue to rely on her consent in circumstances where she was not deriving any pleasure from her submission nor could I honestly foresee at the time that this was going to change. In hindsight, I realise that I made many mistakes, not the least of which was “too hard, too fast” without a good appreciation of how to bring her along the journey. I also feel, again with the benefit of time to contemplate my errors, that my decision to abandon the project may have been too peremptory. But hey, ho, you make decisions and you wear the consequences. I would never say never, but a full blown D/s relationship is not within view at present.

        Thank you for making the world a better place Nora.

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        1. Damn, even after I proof read the damn thing I saw a spelling mistake just as I hit send 😒 – and there is no re-edit button! Anyway, “arbitrarily”! 😊

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        2. Implacableone,
          You are a true gentleman! And, your wife quite the lovely, devoted woman. Your concern for her psychological wellbeing, over your own needs and desires…is inspiring! It is not often that you hear such devotion in today’s modern world…the norm is sadly more of the “me,me,me” variety.
          I would love hearing more of your back story. I do hope you will write me.
          Warmest regards,

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  5. You are not the only one, Nora.
    My husband spanked me from the very first day of our marriage. He still spank me regularly and I am pretty okay with that.

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