A poem for Daddy

Head bowed in submission,

my panties pulled down.

Nose pressed to the corner,

bottom bare and round.

Nervously thinking,

of the events to come.

The anticipation,

might be too much for some.

But for he and I,

this is the way that it is.

When I step out of line,

he reminds me Iโ€™m his.

His firm hand,

will come down.

Very real tears,

all around.

And when the lessonโ€™s been learned,

He will once again send,

me to my place in the corner,

Submissive again.

~ naughty nora

25 thoughts on “A poem for Daddy

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    1. I’m not sure he’s seen it yet. I typically get a text from him during the day if he checks my blog at work. I think he’ll like it, but he may wonder about when I posted it, as I was supposed to be getting some work done.


    1. No, he hasn’t made a rule about that. But it pleases him greatly when I call him Daddy so it is how I address him most of the time when we are alone (or quietly in his ear if we are not). When I am being disciplined, I must call him Sir.


        1. It may sound funny, but early in our relationships I started calling him by our last name. So I usually call him that in public, but if he has to pull me aside for a warning or something, I must respond properly with “Yes Sir”. We were at a store a few nights ago and when the cashier asked if we wanted to use our rewards points towards the purchase, my husband told the guy no. I immediately, without thinking, argued that we should should use the points. My husband took hold of my arm, pulled me back a few steps, and quietly said “You have been arguing with everything I say today. You are getting a spanking when we get home.” I was so embarrassed and answered “Yes Sir”. I don’t think the cashier overheard what my husband said, but he did hear my response. I was so ashamed of myself…


            1. Still waiting on the spanking… and waiting is the worst. Unfortunately, my husband has come down with either bronchitis or walking pneumonia. He wasn’t feeling great that day and by the time we got home after a long day of errands he was really sick. My spanking will have to wait, and the nerves are hard to deal with. He doesn’t kid around with my discipline. I have no doubt this will be at least a ten minute continuous session and he favors a wooden paddle, though lately he’s been using the riding crop a lot…


    1. He did like it, and he really liked the picture I chose. My Daddy is a very visual man (like most I suppose) and he enjoys seeing a well-spanked woman standing in the corner for naughtiness…I suppose that is why I spend so much time there ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Nora, most men are. I actually thing all men are. Some ar more than others though. But all men are. it is how God created us to be. But when I read a story or a blog where I have to use my imagination, I have to use vsuals and try to imagine what the scene looks like. I do that with your story about Crystal. I have to use people I have seen based on what you say they look like to imagine what is going. In helps me make them more real and keeps me involved in the story. Same thing for real like people talking about their lives. I believe that all men are like that. We have to visualize everything.

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        1. Thank you for the comment! I just realized that I really haven’t provided a description of Crystal in my stories…perhaps I should do that in my next chapter….

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  1. Even though my Daddy is sick right now, he disciplined me last night for arguing with him in the store over the weekend. It was a little shorter session than usual, but still intense, and I still cried and learned my lesson. I was pretty surprised when he came in and announced that I was getting a spanking and that he wanted me to go to our bedroom, prepare, and wait for him (I was only surprised because he’s sick,…I knew I would be getting a spanking at some point). So, I went to our bedroom and pulled down my pants and panties to my knees and laid over the bed, my bare bottom on display. Many thoughts went through my mind at this point as I waited in nervous anticipation. When he came in he began to lecture me and he chose his implements from the drawer. He made me tell him I was I was getting a spanking and apologize. He then hand spanked me for several minutes. Next, he applied the hard leather paddle with holes in it for maybe 3-4 minutes. Last, he used the long, wooden paddle with holes in it and he made me count out 15 licks with it. I was sobbing by the end of my punishment. Then came corner time where he told me to think about why I got a spanking and what I could do to ensure it doesn’t happen again. When he came back I had to recite to him why I got a spanking and the things I had come up with. I told him that I would think before I spoke to him at all times in the future, and that I would trust his judgement in making decisions for us instead of allowing myself to get worked up about the little things. He was content with my answer and then I got to be in his arms again and he told me that I was his good little girl again. I sure love my Daddy.

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