Spanking fiction- Pt. 2 Missing Curfew

If you find reading about a young woman getting a spanking offensive, please leave this page.

To the rest of you, happy reading!  I thought I would try my hand at writing spanking fiction…

~ Nora

Pt. 2

Crystal awoke to a loud knock on her bedroom door.  “Breakfast is in 15 minutes young lady.  I suggest you not keep us waiting” her Daddy called to her.

Groaning, Crystal rolled over gingerly, rubbing her sore bottom.  The spanking she had earned last night had definitely made an impression on her (and her bottom) and she had no desire to anger Daddy by keeping him waiting.  She got up, brushed her hair, and dressed quickly, arriving at the breakfast table before most of her sisters.  Mommy was just finishing up the bacon and everything smelled amazing.

Soon, the family was all seated together and Daddy led them through their morning prayers.  About half way through breakfast, Daddy brought up the subject of Crystal’s discipline the previous night.  Daddy believed that if he had to spank one of his daughters for misbehaviors that they should all benefit from hearing about the lesson.

The table went silent as Daddy said, “Crystal Marie, I want you to tell your sisters what happened last night and why you were given a spanking.  I think your sisters will benefit from hearing about how their 18 year-old sister was disciplined for disobedience”.

Crystal’s face burned in shame, though she had been expecting this.  “Yes, Daddy” she answered.  Taking a deep breath, Crystal recounted the evening’s events for her sisters.  “And since I ignored my curfew and came in late, Daddy gave me a spanking with the paddle.  He also told me that if I am ever late coming in again that I will get a whipping with his belt”.

“That’s exactly right young lady,” Daddy replied, pleased with her answer.  “I will not tolerate this type of blatant disobedience in my household so let this be a lesson to all of you.  Any little girl in this house who chooses to ignore Daddy’s rules will pay the price immediately with her panties down and her bare bottom across my knee.  Is that understood?”

All four of his daughters answered immediately, “Yes, Daddy”.

“And I don’t care if you are eight or eighteen.  You disobey me and you will be disciplined.  Is that clear?”

Again, four contrite girls responded “Yes, Daddy”.

Winking at his wife, their satisfied Daddy went back to enjoying his breakfast and eventually the chatter at the table began again.  Little did any of them know that Daddy still had one more announcement for them.  While his girls cleared the table and began cleaning up after breakfast, Daddy enjoyed the coffee Mommy brought him, surveying his family.  He loved his girls dearly and if he was considered strict it was only because he loved them and wanted what was best for them.  After the kitchen was cleaned, Daddy summoned them all back to sit down at the table, which was an unusual request.

“As your sister mentioned, she was brought home in a police car last night”, Daddy began.  Crystal felt her stomach drop as she realized this summons was about her errant behavior.  “While she didn’t do anything illegal, Crystal put herself in a situation where the Deputy had to drive her home after midnight.  Any of our neighbors could have seen this which is quite humiliating to say the least as I am sure they would all assume the worst.  This is completely unacceptable behavior and I am afraid that Crystal needs to be disciplined for this.  No daughter of mine should ever need to be brought home in the middle of the night in a police car and I want this to be a lesson to you all.”

“But, Daddy!  You already spanked me!” Crystal cried futilely, knowing her fate was already sealed.  If Daddy announced that one of his girls was to be disciplined, she would be disciplined.

“Young lady, don’t you dare sass me.  You were spanked last night for missing your curfew, I was very clear about that,” Daddy said sternly.

“But Daddy”, Crystal tried to argue.

“If I hear one more unsolicited word come out of your mouth young lady you will get the soap.  Do you understand me?” Daddy said, anger in his eyes that one of his daughters would dare answer back.

“Yes Sir,” Crystal said, a tear slipping down her face.  She could only wait in dread to hear what her punishment would be and she wisely kept her mouth shut.

“Tonight is family night,” Daddy began. “We will still have dinner together as a family and watch a movie after.  However, after dinner, Crystal will be getting a spanking for bringing shame to our family.  She will then stand in the corner while we enjoy our movie, as an example to you girls of what will happen should you shame our family.”

Another tear slipped down Crystal’s face.  Not only would she be getting another spanking but she would be made to stand in the corner, spanked bottom on display no doubt, while her family watched a movie without her.  She couldn’t make eye contact with anyone else at the table she felt so ashamed.

Daddy then released everyone, telling them to get their chores done and behave themselves throughout the day.  Crystal was the last one to get up from the table and when she did, Mommy was waiting for her.  Mommy gave her a tight hug.  “It will be okay honey.  Daddy will spank you and then all will be forgiven”.  “Mommy it’s going to hurt so bad,” Crystal cried into her Mommy’s shoulder.  “I’m sure it will, honey.  But you earned this spanking.  Now, be a good girl and get all your chores done.  After that you should rest a bit.” “Yes, Mommy,” Crystal answered, heading out to get started on her chores.

Crystal did her chores thoroughly, not wanting to risk any further punishment from her father.  Throughout the day, her sisters each found her and gave her a hug.  They all knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of Daddy’s discipline and Crystal would be receiving a spanking on an already sore bottom that evening.  But, while they felt empathy for her, they knew that being brought home in the back of a police car was absolutely a spank-able offense in their household.

While she rested on her bed after her chores, Crystal tried not to dwell too much on how Daddy would spank her.  Was he going to spank her in front of everyone?  Would he use his belt?  A few stray tears rolled down her face as she tried to sleep.  She vowed to never disobey her Daddy again.

Everyone enjoyed dinner that evening, everyone but Crystal.  Saturday night dinners were typically fun and Mommy always made something indulgent before they got to watch a movie together.  They also got to have dessert on Saturdays too, which was a treat.  However, as Mommy was serving up dessert, Daddy announced, “There will be no dessert for Crystal tonight.  Crystal, go into the living room, please.  Put your nose in the corner and get those pants and panties down”.

“Yes, Daddy,” Crystal whispered, immediately getting up from her seat and obeying.  That answered her first question.  She was to be spanked in the living room, where all would hear.

While her family enjoyed their dessert, Crystal put herself into the naughty corner and pushed down her jeans and panties to her knees.  She crossed her arms behind her back and put her nose as far into the corner as she could, hoping to please Daddy with her obedience.

Asking his wife and girls to clean up the kitchen, Daddy then joined Crystal in the living room.  He was greeted by the site of a contrite teenage girl, nose in the corner, bare bottom awaiting his discipline.  He noted that while she had a small bruise on one cheek, her bottom was relatively unmarked from her spanking the night before.  He had no doubt she was still sore from her earlier spanking, but that would just make this lesson more memorable.  He pulled a chair to the center of the room and ordered Crystal to join him.

She stood before him, head down, hands still crossed behind her back.  Daddy scolded her at length for her misbehavior and all she could do was nod and answer “Yes Daddy” when required.  By the end of her scolding, there really was no doubt in her mind that she deserved the spanking she was about to receive.  She had been very disobedient and disobedient daughters went over Daddy’s knee to be taught a lesson.  A tear slipped down her face when Daddy told her to go get the paddle, which was hanging in the kitchen.  All of her sisters were in the kitchen and they would witness her hobble in, pants and panties down, to fetch the paddle for Daddy.  This was all a part of her punishment.

Everyone turned to look at her as she entered the kitchen, surprised to see her.  But, when they saw that she was bare still, eyes were averted as Crystal slowly walked over to where the paddle hung on the wall.  No one spoke but continued to clean, trying to allow Crystal to maintain any dignity she had left.  She walked back into the living room, holding the paddle that would soon light a fire to her bare behind.  Wordlessly, she handed the paddle to her Daddy.

“I’m going to put you over my knee now, Crystal.  I hope this lesson stays with you for a long time,” he said, taking her arm.  Crystal nodded as she was turned over Daddy’s knee.  She was soon in the correct position.  Face down, bare bottom pointed toward the ceiling, easily accessible for discipline.  Daddy didn’t make his little girl wait any longer and he brought the paddle down sharply on her right cheek.

She cried and struggled to maintain her position over Daddy’s knee as he paddled her.  No part of her bottom or thighs were left untouched from the sting of the paddle and Daddy paddled repetitiously on his girl’s sit spot, ensuring she would feel this lesson throughout the week.  Her cries and wails, as well as the continuous application of the paddle to bare skin, could be heard easily in the kitchen.  Three other little girls, and his wife, silently vowed in their minds to behave themselves and avoid a spanking over Daddy’s knee.

But for Crystal, there was no escaping the agony of her bare bottomed discipline.  Daddy wanted to ensure she learned her lesson and he relentlessly brought the paddle down, tanning his little girl’s bottom until it was the color of two ripe cherries.  She had been inexcusably naughty and now she would pay the price dearly with two spanked bottom cheeks and the loss of her dignity.

About ten minutes later, Daddy slowed the pace of her spanking, resuming his lecture.  He emphasized his demands for good behavior with sharp cracks of the paddle, eliciting shrieks from the little girl laying over his knee.  All Crystal could do was sob and tell her Daddy how sorry she was and that she would never misbehave again.  And finally, when Daddy was certain she would never repeat this particular behavior and her bottom was as hot as a furnace, her spanking stopped.  He let her cry it out for a little bit over his knee before helping her to her feet.

Before sending her to the corner, he stood up and hugged his little girl.  “I love you, Crystal,” he said, holding her tight.  “I only want what’s best for you and I want to you to be a good little girl.  I don’t like tanning your bottom but I will if it keeps you on the straight and narrow.”  Crystal was then led back to the corner where she would stand for the next two hours, her well spanked bottom on display, as a lesson to her sisters not to misbehave or bring shame to the family.  She would be unable to rub the sting from her backside and made to endure the humiliation of public corner time.

Her face burned in shame, almost as hot as her bottom cheeks, as her family joined them in the living room.  While they enjoyed the movie, she stood there on display as a lesson to all.  While her sisters tried not to look at her, they each took in the site before them.  Daddy had spanked her long and hard and her bottom was swollen and crimson and they could still hear her quiet sobs.  None of them ever wanted to be in Crystal’s position, on display for all to see.

And, as Daddy intended, a lesson was learned by all.

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    1. Great idea! I was actually thinking of moving in the direction of Crystal turns 18 and begins dating Deputy Sam…who is a very strict boyfriend and future husband 🙂


    1. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying this series, Christian!!! The Crystal series was my first piece of spanking fiction… I am glad people are still reading them 🙂


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