I will NOT disrespect my Daddy

Before my husband and I began to incorporate domestic discipline into our marriage, I had often fantasized about spanking, imagining what it would be like.  Back then, I remember desperately wanting to feel what it felt like to be the recipient of a good old fashioned spanking.  I read stories, looked at pictures, read real-life blogs, spoke with others in chat rooms. Now, having become well-acquainted with the painful nature of a real spanking, I blush recalling how I had romanticized spankings in my mind.  Nothing prepared me for the humiliation of baring my own bottom, the self-control necessary to remain still and accept the painful sting of continuous spanks to my bottom and upper thighs, or the contriteness I would feel standing in a corner with my well-spanked backside on display.  Don’t get me wrong…I still look at the pictures on-line, and read (and write) stories and blogs, but now I have a much better understanding of what real discipline looks and feels like.

My husband and I have been through a lot lately.  We’ve had a lot of family in town, staying with us, which has taught us a little about how to proceed with domestic discipline when you have lost the privacy in your home.  My husband took me into our bedroom a couple of times to give me reminders with more quiet implements but it has been a while since I have been spanked until I cried.  That changed this afternoon.

As our guests left this morning, my husband came home on his lunch break to deal with me.  Last night, I had displeased him greatly by talking disrespectfully to him in front of a family member.  He discussed it with me in private when we went to bed and I had a very bad attitude about his verbal reprimand (I’ll admit it…I was sorely in need of a hard spanking).  When he got home this afternoon, we discussed it again, and then he requested that I go to our bedroom, kneel on the bench at the foot of our bed, and lower my panties while waiting for him.  I think it had been about five minutes when he came in and joined me.  He retrieved the switch from our closet and he laid it across my bottom.  All he said was “This is a reminder to behave yourself for the rest of the afternoon”.  He then proceeded to give me the switching of my life.

If you have never been thoroughly switched, it stings more than anything imaginable.  My husband must have intended this to be a memorable lesson because he applied the switch to my bare bottom hard and fast.  I was crying real tears in less than a minute.  He switched me until my behind was covered in thin welts and the switch broke.  He rubbed my back while I cried it out and then helped me up, wrapping me in a tight hug.  He then led me to the bathroom and made me look at my welted bottom while he lectured me.  His lesson was not over though.  I spent a good portion of my afternoon writing lines for him.  He assigned me to write one hundred times “I will NOT disrespect my Daddy”.  I had to write my lines sitting on a plug, nude, at our dining room table.  I sent a picture for his verification of my obedience.

When my husband got home from work tonight, he was pleased with my obedience.  He had a long day at work so he decided to take a short nap before we enjoy our evening together.  Before he left the room though, he told me to work on my blog while I waited for him, and that he would be giving me my maintenance spanking (normally these happen Sunday, but we had guests) when he woke up.  I suspected I might receive that spanking tonight but had hoped not…it will be incredibly painful on my already switched bottom.  However, I am grateful that my husband put me immediately back in my place now that our guests have gone.  I feel more relaxed and happier, despite my impending spanking this evening.  I am going to work very hard to please my husband and be more submissive for him, especially in front of others.  I am hoping that one day I will be able to retain my submissive attitude without the constant reminders of my husband’s firm hand.  But, my husband keeps reminding me of how far I have come in the last seven weeks and his compliment makes me feel good about my progress.

~ Nora

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  1. I am glad that he put you in your place. I know what it feels like to be disrespected in front of family and friends by a spouse. My ex wife did it when we were dating and once when we were married. it is embarrassing and hurtful. I trust that these punishments will be long on your mind as a reminder to behave.

    I also hope you remember the hurt you gave him by being disrespectful to him in front of people as a reminder to never be that way again. I am sure that you are not normally this way, and everyone makes mistakes. But do your best next time.

    (NOTE: Sorry if I seem like I am scolding you. I guess it is a habit because of women I have been in charge of.)

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    1. Thank you for pointing out that I hurt him also. That’s why this works for us so well. I worked very hard at being submissive last night and I think he was pleased with me. Today is a new day and I am thinking of special things I could do for him to make his day better.


    1. I’m not sure he would say that…in fact, he has commented on how difficult this is for him. But, when he goes into Daddy mode he sure knows how to handle me!


  2. To disrespect in public warrants a spanking for sure. To do this in front of family is even worse. It is from experience that I speak. I too have been switched and I can relate to your experience. However, a switch is normally cut fresh, just before it is used. Therefore it never breaks. Was this an older switch? I do think you now have the right attitude and believe you will never commit this infraction again.

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    1. For me, the type of spanking I would give out for public disrespect would be maybe the Razor Strap or just a hard leather belt. I won’t like anything that can cut skin. What your men use is up to them. But for me, I couldn’t do that.


    2. It was a switch that had been cut the week before from our apple tree. We’ve actually found that an apple switch can last a few weeks. This one did break, but only after five minutes or so. I do feel horribly for disrespecting my husband in front of family. He was right to punish me severely. Not only was I giving a switching on his lunch break, but I was given a very thorough spanking when he got home from work that night. I am very sore this week and have been feeling very submissive and “hyper obedient” (a term I read on another blog). He was very happy with me last night.


      1. Thanks, Nora for more details on the switch. A week old is not too bad, but it did break. The last time I was switched, I had to cut the switch so it was very fresh. I can relate to the welts it left on my ass cheeks as well as the tears in my eyes. You got a spanking only a few hours after a switching…… no doubt you were in great pain. I am glad to hear you are very submissive and ‘hyper obedient’ after the punishment and that he was happy with you last night. My maintenance spanking was last night and the details on on my blog.

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        1. Hmmm….just went to your blog, but the last posting is from March 30th…what am I missing? Sorry, still new to this…


  3. Are you sure you are using the right blog? there is a post on March 22, April 5 and April 12. There was no posting for March 30. There should be a new one either later today or tomorrow as I am due to be spanked today (Sunday) for maintenance.


      1. Yep, that’s the trouble I am having. If I don’t click on your icon to get to your blog, how do I get there?


    1. I just checked out your blog about your maintenance spankings…I love what you two do with the dice rolling. Does she always remember the day or are you required to remind her?


  4. I do remind her, not that she ever needs a reminder. Also, the dice, large 2 inch square remain on the nightstand, face up displaying the last number thrown, a constant reminder.

    Thanks for checking out the blog. You didn’t read all 100+ entries, I would imagine. The dice idea has worked for us in our relationship.

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    1. Just read about your maintenance spanking…ouch! And to have rolled a one…someone won’t be sitting comfortably tonight…


    1. I’m just learning these things too. On my page, I was able to copy and paste a link into what is called a widgit. Hope that is helpful! If not, I’ll still continue checking out your blog. But I thought it may help more people see your blog if you posted a link to it.


    1. I went to your page…your blog is listed there, but not as a link. Which is okay, it is easy enough to cut and paste into browser…or keep working on it, there is an option to turn it into a link.


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