Spanking Fiction- Missing curfew

If you find reading about a young woman getting a spanking offensive, please leave this page.

To the rest of you, happy reading!  I thought I would try my hand at writing spanking fiction…

~ Nora

Missing Curfew

There she was, in her brand-new dress meant to impress Bobby Lee, in the back seat of a police car being driven home where her no doubt livid father would be waiting for her.  How had she gotten herself into this mess, 18-year-old Crystal wondered for the hundredth time.  The evening had gone terribly wrong and she’d made some horrible decisions that night.  Horrible decisions that would most likely result in a trip over Daddy’s knee for a spanking.  She shivered at the thought of her impending fate…

The evening had started well.  She had put on the new dress that her and Mommy had bought earlier that day at the mall.  While it was still modest- Daddy wouldn’t stand for his little girl to show too much skin-it fit her nicely and hugged in all the right places.  She’d felt so grown up as she applied a little bit of make-up to go out on her first group date.  She’d hugged Mommy and Daddy good-bye and had only half heard Daddy’s warning to mind her curfew.  Her mind had been going a mile a minute as she climbed into Bobby Lee’s truck.  Oh, if only she had heeded Daddy’s warning and come home when she was told.

But, she hadn’t.  Bobby Lee had driven them down to the local pizza parlor where they joined two other couples.  The evening flew by with lots of laughs and good company.  Then, Danny had suggested they all head down to the river.  Crystal knew she needed to be home in an hour and she reminded Bobby Lee and he had promised they wouldn’t stay long.  That was three hours ago.

Danny had brought along some beer and soon the boys were buzzed and encouraging the girls to go in the water.  Crystal had held out until the two other girls had stripped down to their bras and panties and joined the boys in the water.  Not wanting Bobby Lee to think she was a prude, she too had slipped out of her new dress and waded into the river to join the rest, allowing the boys to drink in her teenage beauty.  All thoughts of her curfew were soon gone as Bobby Lee slipped his arms around her.  Well, until a bright flashlight had suddenly been turned on all of them.  Being well after midnight, the local Sherriff’s deputy was there to check out a noise complaint from a nearby farm.

Rushing out of the water, the other kids had rushed to their vehicles and driven off.  Poor Crystal, used to obeying the commands of strong males, was the only one who had stopped when told to.  She had stood before the Deputy, shaking in her bra and panties, as he looked her over with the flashlight.  He heart sunk as he asked, “Aren’t you Mitch Stanton’s daughter?”  Miserably, she nodded yes.  It figured that he knew her father.  “Well young lady, it looks like your friends have abandoned you.  I better take you home.  Please get dressed”.  He had stood there, his glare unwavering, as she quickly slipped her new dress back over her head.  He had led her to his vehicle and she was mortified when he opened the door to the back for her and ushered her in.  Being driven home in the back of a cop car was something she’d never thought possible for her.  Yet, here she was.  Boy was Daddy going to be mad.

A few minutes into the drive, the Deputy asked her to confirm her address.  She realized through the exchange that she knew this man!  His name was Sam and he was only a few years older than she. She remembered him being a Senior when she was only a freshman.  She’d had quite the crush on him and had gone to every Friday night football game to watch him play.  Her face burned with even more shame that he would be the one to deliver her home to her Daddy.

As they pulled into her driveway her stomach was in knots when she saw the living room light on.  She had hoped, to no avail, that somehow Daddy had fallen asleep and wouldn’t know how late she was arriving home.  Her intention was to jump out of the car quickly and let herself inside but to her dismay, she couldn’t open the door.  She had to wait for Sam to get out and open it for her.  He then took her arm firmly and led her to the front door where he rang the doorbell.  She stood there, head hanging in shame, waiting for Daddy to come and open the door.

She didn’t have to wait long as Daddy had seen the car pull into the drive.  Seeing the Deputy standing next to his very tardy young daughter, he exclaimed, “Young lady, where have you been?  Do you have any idea what time it is?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she answered quickly.  “We just lost track of time and…” her voice trailed off as she saw Daddy’s expression harden.  As he looked to the Deputy, Sam introduced himself.

“I found her down by the river, Sir, swimming with some other kids.  I thought I would drive her home myself to see that she got here safely”.

“I greatly appreciate that, officer, I really do.  I’m afraid this young lady is in a whole lot of trouble for missing her curfew and for needing to be brought home by the police.  I’m very sorry you had to deal with her.  It’s late, can I offer you a cup of coffee before you get back to work?”

Crystal was horrified when Sam agreed and she felt her Daddy’s firm grip on the back of her neck.  “You are coming with me young lady” he said as he led them to the kitchen.  There, after giving her a sharp slap to the seat of her dress, he put her nose firmly into the corner.  “You stand right there young lady and think about what you have coming to you.  I’m going to teach you exactly what happens to little girls in this house who ignore their curfew”.  “Yes Daddy” she answered meekly, mortified at being put in the corner like a little child in front of Sam.  She stood there, trembling in her new dress, her bottom smarting from Daddy’s well placed spank on her backside, listening as they became acquainted and talked about football.

About twenty minutes later, Sam stood and announced he had to get back to work, but could he use the washroom first.  Her Daddy pointed him in that direction.  After Sam left the room, Daddy said, “Crystal, get me the paddle right now young lady.  I am going to give you a spanking that you won’t soon forget.”  As she pulled herself out of the corner, Crystal wanted to argue that she was surely too old for a spanking, but when she saw the angry look in Daddy’s eyes, she rushed to obey, pulling the paddle down off the hook where it hung in the kitchen as a reminder to any girl who might think about misbehaving.

Trembling, she handed the paddle to her Daddy, thinking that he would surely wait to start her spanking after Sam had left.  To her horror, Daddy pulled her over his knee, setting the paddle down on the kitchen table.  He quickly went to work pulling up her new dress and lowering her panties down to her knees.  She was mortified that Sam would see her like this when he returned to the kitchen.  Face down and bottoms up over her Daddy’s knee awaiting what would no doubt be a long, hard spanking.  But, Daddy did not make his little girl wait.

The first slap to her bare bottom shocked her.  Daddy was spanking her with Sam still in the house.  She didn’t have time to dwell on that though as Daddy’s palm rained down all over her bare behind.  He was determined his little girl was going to learn a damn good lesson over his knee and that she would never think about ignoring her curfew again.

“Please, Daddy no!” she cried as Daddy spanked her bottom. Her spanking had been going on at least a few minutes when Sam walked back into the room.  He had heard the spanking get started and was not surprised to see Crystal over her Daddy’s knee with an already crimson bottom.  He couldn’t help but grin as he watched the errant teen learning her lesson the hard way.

Her Daddy stopped her spanking just long enough to shake Sam’s hand and thank him once again for bringing home his disobedient daughter, all the while Crystal was laying over his knee, her spanked bottom on display.
“I can assure you this little girl won’t sit comfortably for a week after this little stunt,” her Daddy told Sam, smacking the bare bottom over his knee for emphasis.  Crystal’s face grew redder than her bottom at this statement.  She felt so ashamed for Sam to see her getting a spanking like this.  He would surely think of her as an immature little girl now who still needed to be turned over her Daddy’s knee when she was naughty.

“I can see you are bringing her up right, Sir”, Sam replied.  “My Daddy always said that teenage girls need regular spankings and I can assure you my sisters have all been in Crystal’s position many times”.  Crystal’s face burned in shame as the two men discussed her predicament.

Her Daddy said goodbye to Sam and picked up the paddle as Sam showed himself out.

“I hope you are learning your lesson young lady”, Daddy said sternly as he held the wooden paddle against her already burning backside.  “If you ever ignore your curfew again you will be getting a whipping with Daddy’s belt.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes Daddy,” Crystal cried has Daddy applied the paddle liberally to her bare bottom.  Daddy paddled every inch of her bottom and upper thighs, lecturing her throughout her spanking.  All she could do was lay over his knee and wail from the burning sensation in her bottom.  She prayed her spanking would end but Daddy was determined to make sure she never forget this lesson or this  particular spanking.

Upstairs, all in the house were awoken by Crystal’s cries and the sound of the wooden paddle smacking a bare backside.  Her spanking lasted at least another ten minutes before Daddy began to slow the pace of the spanking while he lectured his disobedient daughter.

“Are you ever going to ignore your curfew again, young lady?” he asked, paddling each crimson cheek over his lap.

“No Daddy, I won’t, I promise,” Crystal wailed, her legs kicking in protest.

“And what is going to happen if you do, young lady?” Daddy asked, applying the paddle to the tops of her thighs”

“Owwww! I will get a spanking with Daddy’s belt”, she cried pitifully.

“That’s right young lady.  I will not tolerate this type of disobedience from you and if you are ever so much as a minute late I will take down your panties and paint your backside red with my belt, do you understand me?” He said, punctuating his questions with the paddle.

“Yes, Daddy, I understand!  I promise I’ll be good!” she cried, the tears falling freely down her face and off her chin.

After a dozen more firm smacks, Daddy finally set the paddle down.  He rubbed his naughty girl’s bare bottom, feeling the heat radiating from it.  He smiled to himself knowing that he had done a thorough job chastising his disobedient daughter.  He felt sure that his warning about curfew would be heeded in the future and that she would be reminded of her spanking every time she sat down over the next week.

He helped his sobbing girl up and told her to hang the paddle back up and go to bed.  Crystal hobbled over to the wall where the paddle belonged, not daring to pull up her panties until given permission.  Daddy gave her a stern look and pointed to the stairwell.  “Get to bed” was all he said, and Crystal was forced to walk bare bottomed up the stairs to her room knowing Daddy was watching her.

Once in bed, she tried to rub some of the sting out of her very sore, well-spanked bottom to no avail.  Exhausted, all she could do was try to ignore the burning sensation and close her eyes.  She vowed to herself never to miss curfew again and she decided that Bobby Lee wasn’t worth the trouble. After all, he was the one who’d abandoned her there, making it necessary for Sam to drive her home.  Surely Daddy wouldn’t have spanked her so long and hard with the paddle if she hadn’t been brought home in a police car.  Little did she know, Daddy had only spanked her for missing her curfew.  The matter of her being brought home in a police car was still going to be dealt with in Daddy’s old fashioned way…

17 thoughts on “Spanking Fiction- Missing curfew

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    1. Lol…no, not taken from real life. I’m hoping to make this a mini-series…Crystal has a lot of spankings in her future😊


  1. Hi, I have just stumbled across these stories, this is amazing, plus a bit of voyeurism thrown in for good measure……
    Just gonna throw it out there that something eventually happens between th Officer and Crystal 😉😉😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There are many things I felt and thought when reading this so let me process a bit.


    Firstly, what speaks to me is the somewhat incestuous tone. That’s, secretly? Somewhat secretly, always a fantasy. And here it comes to life. Ah, how you paint imagery vividly.

    Secondly, I don’t know why but my mind placed this setting in the 1950s. Maybe it was the Daddy smacking angle, maybe I’ve had the 1950s on my mind, I don’t know. I can’t say. But the atmosphere of that time period only helps my imagination abc make the read sexier.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read some of my fiction, DarkandDominant! The 1950’s would be a great setting for this particular story! I am not very talented at setting the time period and often leave it up to the reader’s imagination. But of course, a spanking from one’s father is not a modern concept 🙂


  3. I absolutely LOVE your pieces of fiction! Easily some of the best spanking stories around. I hope you keep writing! Given your good taste, I was just curious if you had any reccomendations for spanking videos/producers etc. I just find that most of the free ones on websites like spankingtube aren’t really geared toward women. Would greatly appreciate your thoughts! Thanks so much for your awesome writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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