Morning spankings…

This morning, my husband spanked me before he left for work.  I was still half asleep in our bed when I heard him come out of our bathroom.  He came to my side of the bed, lifted the covers, and began to spank my bare bottom slowly but firmly.  The spanking didn’t last long and wasn’t that painful, but it was very effective psychologically and emotionally.  There is something about being spanked while fully nude, by your husband who is fully clothed and freshly showered.  I felt small and vulnerable.  He told me to be a good girl today, which reminded me how I had been a very bad girl the previous night.  I couldn’t seem to control my tone last night and I earned corner time after the first episode.  The second time it happened, he allowed me to stay up with him and watch a movie, but he inserted a plug as a reminder.  He didn’t spank me in the moment, most likely because he had consumed a few adult beverages and he has a rule for himself about that…but I can’t help but wonder if there is a discipline spanking coming my way…

I must be good today!

~ Nora

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    1. My husband read this comment and I am to review my behavior with him this evening, as you suggested. I will have to request punishment with the wooden paddle as that is the one I dread the most.

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        1. I did as you suggested last night…it pleased my husband very much. It was difficult to ask him to punish me with his wooden paddle as it hurts so much, but the asking for it did a lot for my submissive mindset.

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  1. I am glad that you don’t protest and threaten him like some women, who asked for this life, but then when they have to actually put it into practice, they say no. I am glad that you don’t do that. Like I have said it before to others, this is a lifetime thing. A commitment until death do you part. To say no when the going gets tough and you actually have to be held accountable is rebellion. It’s BS, and means you weren’t really serious about it when you asked for it.

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    1. Agreed, Mark. I try my best to obey immediately when he announces a punishment. But, I do mess up sometimes and find myself pleading while getting in position…


  2. I think it is a natural thing. We know the hammer is going to come down, so we go into negotiations, promising this and promising that. But a good daddy, will still spank your bare bottom.

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  3. The psychological effect of being spanked while nude by someone fully dressed is well known here in our household. I am kept totally nude whenever in the house, so all of my spankings are nude while she is fully clothed. A clothed person has great control over a nude person in any situation. Your short spanking was effective if you felt vulnerable a you certainly were. I commend him for not punishing in anger or after a few beverages. Should more discipline be coming you way. That would be up to him. It appears that one of the lessons you have not learned is the immediate obedience of a command and not controling you tone at times. This is a common occurrence in beginning of a DD relationship. It is a difficult lesson, but one that must be learned as quickly as possible. I, too have many more spankings in the early stages on our relationship.

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    1. I am still struggling with controlling my tone. For the first 14 years of being together, I pretty much spoke to him however I wanted to…I want so much to change that, but it is so automatic it has definitely been a struggle. Thankfully, he is very consistent and doesn’t let me get away with anything. We both feel that I have improved greatly, but I still have a long way to go. Sitting on a sore bottom is my reality until I do learn.


      1. As long as it is what you choose as your reality, and not what the wider world wants you to do. Changing your ‘tone’ and attitude is your goal, but it’s always possible that you could grow to resent the spankings and your husband.


        1. I appreciate this comment, lurvspanking. My husband and I communicate about how we are feeling almost daily right now, but I know eventually as we settle in to this new lifestyle we may not focus on that as much. If I am ever feeling any resentment I will be sure to discuss that with him.

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  4. You are correct, Nora, it is a struggle and a difficult habit to break. I’m glad both of you feel you have improved greatly. He is doing his job in administering the spankings, Your job is to mend your ways, OR continue to be spanked.

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        1. I guess I am still coming to terms with this. When my husband and I first got started with domestic discipline, he was nervous about going to far and my spanking were a little painful. Now, however, he is comfortable in his role as disciplinarian and every spanking he gives me brings me to tears and leaves with with a very hot, sore behind.

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    1. Agreed. My Daddy often requires me to be naked in the evenings as well, for his pleasure…while I am serving him dinner or while we watch a movie together. If I show the slightest sign of non-submissiveness, he will often make me spread my thighs so I am even more exposed on the couch.


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