The Intimacy of Domestic Discipline

The Intimacy of Domestic Discipline

I woke up this morning thinking about the close bond that domestic discipline has forged between my husband and I.  We have always been close, best friends even, but this new journey has brought us closer than ever.  There are no secrets between us, no hurts that haven’t been addressed, and the way we can speak so honestly with each other now is (at least for me) mind blowing.  We have been honest with each other in ways that has brought us so much closer as husband and wife.

We both feel that this lifestyle enhances our natural gender traits.  I certainly feel more feminine and attractive to my husband and as he said when we were discussing this issue, “You have awoken something inside of me”, referring to his own dominant, masculine traits.  I realize that I look at my husband through a different lens now and I love what I see.  I see a strong man, my protector, my lover, my Daddy, and my disciplinarian.  I see a man who wants to ensure we have a stronger, healthier marriage and that moves me in ways that I am not yet able to put into words.

While our sex life is better than ever, there is something about being bared by my husband for a spanking that is intensely intimate, in a different way than making love/sex/fucking is.  When I am due for a spanking, all my defenses are stripped away and it seems the world just disappears.  It is just he and I, my bare bottom under his firm hand, for however long he deems necessary.  During these moments, I often cry out in distress and sometimes I cry very real tears from the pain of my spanking.  And yet, resolved to better our marriage, my husband continues the spanking until he feels that a lesson has been learned.  While his left hand is generally on the small of my back, holding me firmly in place, occasionally he will reach down and take my hand in his; an acknowledgement of the pain I am enduring to better our marriage, a signal that he is proud that I am taking my discipline without complaint.

And after…nothing can describe the love and gratitude that I feel toward him after he has thoroughly chastised me with a spanking.  I feel small, feminine, and loved.  I feel worthy of his time, attention, and love.  When I am in his arms, being held against his chest, my panties still down revealing a scarlet red, throbbing behind, I know that we have discovered the greatest intimacy we have known together…the intimacy of domestic discipline.

~ Nora


7 thoughts on “The Intimacy of Domestic Discipline

  1. I wish that those negative people could see this part of CDD/DD. All they do is concentrate on the negative. They make it out to be what it isn’t, abuse. They want to make it about men oppressing women. They don’t care about how this has made good marriages stronger and bad marriage great. They don’t want to listen to the fact that, as I learned several years ago, that it is 9 out 10 women bring this to their husband, and i have talked to a few who did. It isn’t about abuse, but a connection and order of how God desired marriage to be.. So I wish that people would either try to learn about it before they open their fat mouths and speak ignorance, or just don’t say anything at all. But that is my opinion. I wish you two the best and a very long and fruitful marriage.

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    1. I agree! I know many couples who would probably benefit from this type of marriage, but in today’s “politically correct” world, I would never suggest it. I suppose each couple must find their path. Glad to be on this one!


      1. I have told some people that I am in favor of it. But it is a different from reactions you would get 80 to 100 years ago. I think that the feminist movement has been so drilled into women these days that top mention just the word, SUBMISSION, you get looked at like you want to oppress women. You are in favor of abusing women. That isn’t what it is about. This has nothing to do with that. So if they would take the time really understand, even if they still don’t agree with it, then at least they won’t be so negative about it.

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  2. Thank you for the comment, Alpha! My husband really enjoyed reading this one. While we talk about our new lifestyle quite a bit, sometimes I am able to express in writing what I cannot with words.


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