Weekly Reminder Spankings

Today is Sunday, which is our agreed upon day that my husband gives me a reminder spanking to encourage good behavior throughout the week.  These spankings almost always occur in the evenings, giving me lots of time throughout the day to anticipate (and dread) what is coming.  Each time I think of my impending spanking, my tummy fills with butterflies.  I know that at some point today, my husband will find me in our home and tell me to come to the living room.  At that point, I will know that I will shortly be turned over, face down and bottom up, and given a spanking to remind me to behave myself all week.

Prior to spanking me, my husband and I will have a conversation about my behavior.  He typically asks me to speak first and I must evaluate my own behavior throughout the week.  At this point, he talks to me about what he has observed, and both compliments me on good behaviors and lectures me on poor ones.  These conversations typically last from five to ten minutes and at the end of the conversation, he informs me what type of spanking I will be receiving with regard to severity.  If I have been rather well behaved throughout the week, I am still spanked until I cry, but then the spanking is over.  But, if my behavior has been lacking throughout the week, I can expect a much more severe spanking which will make me cry and leave me unable to sit comfortably for several days.  After he has announced my spanking, he points to the ottoman and requests that I lower my panties to my knees and lay across it.  This position makes me feel very vulnerable as my bare bottom and thighs are raised for correction, while my breasts, arms, and face are closer to the floor on the other side.

My husband and I have collected several implements for him to discipline me with.  He typically sends me to gather specific tools of his choice prior to our conversation about my behavior.  He tends to favor the medium weight leather paddle, the strap, the hairbrush, and the wooden paddle which has holes in it.  But, he also has a cane and typically keeps a switch on hand as well.  The switches picked from our yard come from fruit trees and are extremely painful and stingy.

My reminder spankings tend to last anywhere between 5-15 minutes, depending on what my behavior has earned me that week.  My husband will typically give me a warm up spanking with his hand during these types of spankings rather than immediately start in with punishment swats.  Towards the end of the spanking, he will often make me count and repeat lines, such as “I will behave myself this week”.  After he has thoroughly spanked me to his satisfaction, he either helps me up and gives me a nice warm hug, or sends me to the corner (if he felt I behaved badly that week).  He typically lets me cry it out in the corner for 10 minutes or so, before coming to get me and hugging me then.

While I will nervously anticipate my impending spanking this evening, especially as I feel I was poorly behaved several days this week, I feel extreme gratitude this morning towards the man who will fairly deliver that discipline.  We entered into this agreement together, and our marriage has blossomed, both of us enjoying the benefits that domestic discipline has brought us.  I very much like the person and wife that I am becoming and my husband enjoys leading us and having a pleasing, submissive wife by his side. While perhaps unconventional in this modern era, this old-fashioned type of love works for us.

~ Nora

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      1. Well, there seems to be two types of discipline spankings. The first type is the on-the-spot correction. This is a hard and fast spanking that occurs immediately after the offense. I earned one of these last week right before I left for work. My husband was kindly carrying my briefcase out to my car for me to say goodbye in the garage when I said a very rude comment due to work-related frustration. Before I could even comprehend what happened, he had pulled down my work slacks and panties and gave me the hardest hand spanking I think he’s ever given me. I instantly felt contrite and full of apologies and taught my evening class when an incredibly sore bottom that night. The other type of discipline spanking he given me is when he has observed poor behavior over time and informs me that I will be receiving a discipline spanking at some point. The spankings are pretty severe, delivered to a bare bottom, with my husband’s wooden paddle. He also reinforces these lessons with other instruments such as the wooden hairbrush, a hard leather paddle, and his strap. He spanks me until I am crying uncontrollably and then a little bit longer than that to reinforce the lesson. After discipline spankings I also am given corner time and sometimes I have to write lines as well. Once when he was out of town and I misbehaved, he made me stand in the corner of our bedroom, nude, with soap in my mouth. I wasn’t allowed to take the soap out until he called me back.

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    1. I am sure going to work hard to be! One of my goals this week is to start obeying more quickly, no negotiations. I’m definitely a work in progress.


  1. I am glad to hear you included maintenance spankings in your DD lifestyle. Maintenance spankings are actually the backbone of our relationship. At the beginning, I was still learning her wants, needs and what she expected of me in the relationship. as time went by, I learned well and we entered a period where I would not be spanked for punishment for weeks on end. We decided to institute a maintenance spanking program. Our lives are full and sometimes life get in the way of regularly scheduled days for the spanking. We also felt, every day was too often, but did not want to allow too much time to slip by between spankings. So we worked out a random schedule with the role of a single dice. Following a maintenance spanking, I roll the die and we add ‘one’ to the number shown. This give us the number of days before the next spanking. It insurers it will never be on consecutive days nor ever more than 7 days away. It has worked well for us. Our maintenance spankings are three-fold. They remind me of my place, who is in charge and my role in the relationship. Second they are a constant reminder of what is in store for me if I do misbehave. Third, the act as a catch-all for minor infractions which may not have warranted a discipline spanking on the spot. For over one year, my maintenance spankings have been documented on another blog site.

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    1. Thank you for sharing! My husband also didn’t want to let more than 7 days go by without reminding me what was in store for me if I didn’t behave and as you stated, a catch all for any minor infractions I wasn’t spanked for during the week. While I wake up on Sunday dreading my impending spanking, I have learned to make it through the day without pleading for him to cancel my spanking (like that would ever happen).


      1. I never plead or even ask for a maintenance cancellation. It is a part of the relationship and I accept the impending spanking. Itis part of my submission and when the time comes, I present myself and take the spanking.

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        1. This is something my husband and I have talked about to. When he tells me to bare myself for a spanking, I don’t question him and I do my best to remain still during the discipline.


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