An apology to Daddy

An apology to Daddy

This is an apology letter that I wrote to my husband today, who I lovingly refer to as “Daddy” sometimes.  Due to my poor attitude, he found it necessary to spank me with the heavy wooden paddle (dreadful thing!), send me out for a workout (he knows this always improves my mood), and assign me lines to write.  After my discipline, I was feeling very ashamed of my poor behavior and attitude towards him, and I wrote him this letter as a surprise which I gave him along with my completed lines.  He found this very pleasing which gave me enormous gratitude for him and his patience.  So, here it is:

Dear Daddy,

I am very sorry that you are so sick this week.  All I want is for you to feel better again and to not suffer the horrible symptoms that you are suffering.  I recognize that I have had a very poor attitude towards you this past week.  All the excuses I’ve mentioned to you throughout the week do not matter.  What matters is that I have not had a pleasing, sweet, submissive attitude towards you when you needed it most.  Instead, I have been very selfish, only thinking of my own needs which makes me feel very ashamed.

I promise to try to do better.  Being submissive does not come easy to me when I have not been recently disciplined by you.  My goal is to learn real submission and to display a more pleasing attitude without needed you to spank me first to get me “in that place”.  You have already been so patient with me…please don’t give up on the new me.  I promise to try harder for you, for us, and for myself.  We both know that I am a better and happier woman when I submit to you properly.

You are my everything, my world.  I hope that you heal quickly and I will do my best to take care of you in all ways.

Your loving wife, partner, and little girl,



6 thoughts on “An apology to Daddy

    1. No, this is not me. Daddy doesn’t want me to post any pictures of myself (or my spanked bottom) on this site. But whoever this is, sure has a beautifully spanked behind!


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